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Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K Knife Review: Tactically Cheap!

This new knife from kershaw and emerson is an awesome knife for the price. I wasn’t sure about the WAVE feature on the True Emerson’s and this was a great way for me to test it out without having to drop $150 on a knife that I may not like. To sum it up, for $31 this is a great buy for edc, wilderness, or tactical use.

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I have many Emersons, Kershaw-Emersons and ZT-Emersons. The ZTs and Kershaws all open very smoothly without any damage to my pants. The Emersons, however, tear the heck out of jean pockets. I think it's the smoothness of the action on the colabs and the sharpness of the waves on the true-Emersons which make the difference.

Don't buy this shit. Its bad. The tang of the blade is way to pronounced and scrapes on the lockbar and literally squeaks, I took mine part, oiled it, adjusted the pivot and everything and the problem persisted. Threw it to my friend and now its a prybar and throwaway knife. Buy a RAT 1 or a Kershaw Skyline.

lol. love your vids. but the one time I wanted to see how the handle fit in your large size hands…you didn't do it!

Another really informative/fully detailed review! CQ-6 definitely coming soon to my knife collection! 🗡👍

in the US, how much tax would you pay for this knife? let's say you got it for $35, how much would you pay in total? cheers

i have a kershaw baby boa i remember when kershaw name ment something now every fucking thing they do is pretty much china…

Thinking of buying this knife for Christmas next month. Was wondering if this is legal in Australia? We have a rule for no automatic knives… Anyone here can help?

It works every tim. Both with my Emerson-Kershaw and my ZT-Emerson. Except when I am showing someone. Then it never works.

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