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Cold Steel GI Tanto Review, Most Requested CS Knife Review

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25 replies on “Cold Steel GI Tanto Review, Most Requested CS Knife Review”

I have had bad luck with cold steel knife the sk5. I was stabbing wood with it and about a inch of the tip of blade just broke off. I replaced it with the Gerber strongarm and have no issues with it so far.

Made in China can mean both peoples republic of China and republic of China ( Taiwan province/island) but sure Taiwanese mostly write made in Taiwan to specify where it is made because there is two Chinas.

I used this knife during a hiking trip and cut several pieces of bamboo to make walking sticks for me and my team mates. Easy work! King of beaters indeed.

I just got my knife. But if feels great in the hand (as all Cold Steel knifes!) well balanced etc. I like that the blade have this where you can put your "point finger" when doing fine work. I haven't tested it yet but it seems like a good knife.
What I don't like is that the sheet is made so you can only put the knife down in one way -that is a huge thumb down on this knife and for Cold Steel I think! It should be able to have so you can put the knife down any way so to speak.

I've had one for 5 years. Its basically indestructible. For the money, you wont find a better knife.

Good review.
I covered the handle in tarred bank line. Gives much better non-skid grip. Paracord is too thick for me. The bank line used was probably 30 feet of #18 bank line (165lb test). The retaining strap will not close once I did this. I simply used a strip of double sided velcro to secure the knife, even though the sheath does a good job of securing the knife.

Great review, thanks. I have one myself which I use in the back yard occaisionally. Just wondering where is this knife made. My guess is Taiwan?

This is an ideal knife for keeping in the trunk of your vehicle, just in case it is ever needed. Given the price, really no reason  not to own one for every member of the immediate family just in case the poop hits the fan. I purchased 4 and with shipping the total price came to under $100.00. Also can double as a pry bar within reasonable limitations or for digging. It's the Maverick 88 of the knife world. Excellent demonstration thanks.

Compare to the Marine corps Ka Bar knife. Besides being combat knife Ka Bar was also multi purpose camp and field knife. Army knife of the day was a combat dagger based on the m1 carbine bayonet, dissatisfied with it because It's lack of usefulness like the Ka Bar.

I bought one for urban self defense, but I took the scales off and wrapped it with 1100 paracord, handle feels much better.

Idk about you guys but this is prob my fav channel for knife feedback. I gotta say that i often find myself on the fence a lot of times trying to decide between two or three diff blades and deciding which of the three i want to buy…and most often the feedback and information i find here is always helpful and tangible. And its also quite refreshing as well that the channel dont get out of control with the fancy schmancy stuff. So keep up the good work

Surely the name gives it's intended purpose away. GI (general infantry) meaning that this is made as a fighting knife or tool of wartime.

I bought one 4 years ago.
I broke the tip, but due to the size of the knife. I was able to grind out a new tip

Dont care for tanto tip, the handle or steel. But its what i take on every day trip. And i still dont know why!

I think Lynn Thompson was pretty much the founder of the Americanized tanto shape with the introductions of the original Recon tanto and votager tanto. Correct me if I'm wrong

I think it is the best bang for your buck knife. I did mod mine but after years of abuse it is still going strong, easy to sharpen!

I didn't need it, but it was marked down and I bought one out of curiosity. I always liked that due to the overall design and handle material, it matches with the original katana machete. I think they're out of production – I missed my chance.
I think the G.I. Tanto is a nice knife for a kit bag, the car or to customize. It's flat, so it's not bulky for it's size. And it just looks kind of cool.

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