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Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC BELT Review

Matthew checks out the Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile belt, tests its sturdiness, and leaves his overall thoughts. How does it hold up?

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4 replies on “Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC BELT Review”

Wow what a great review. I d I'll have a suggestion on a future video, unless you have one already and If you do, please point me to It…… Can you do a Appendix Carry tutorial with your own personal tips and tricks? I'm thinking about carrying like that, but seems so uncomfortable, especially sitting down. Thank you!

Check out Dead Eye Carry belts. They are just like Blue Alpha but highly customizable. I own both brands with the hybrid cobra buckle.

I question the review when you are wearing a blue alpha gear t-shirt lol 😂 (unless you tell me all belts come with a free T-shirt )
Edit: I’m just giving you a hard time Matt, good review!

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