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Almazan knife review bushcraft version The chefs are from Serbia, not Spain. My error.

This is just an honest review I did on the fly about this knife. I have $89.00 invested for this knife shipped to my door with a leather sheath, and $5.00 to get it sharpened. If you want to spend over 300 dollars and have a 7 month wait for the same knife, it’s your money. You decide.

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Evcerything is roses until the knife doesn’t arrive. I ordered two. They delivered one with scratches and a grind line that a someone that couldn’t see put on the knife. It’s more than rustic looking. A month has elapsed and I am without the second knife. I am stuck with a knife that I hate. I asked for a refund but that was several days ago. They said they would get back to me “Soonhaveaniceday”. I contacted the owner of the website who sells these products for Almazan. He tells me that he doesn’t have any control of the distribution system.

If you check with Trust Pilot 40% of the people posted a negative review. That’s 40% who have an unresolved issue with Almazan. Reminds of the guy who was selling soup on Seinfeld. Maybe the distribution center are his cousins.

Well, I’ve found the same kind of knife on AliExpress for less than 20$…
The 2 or 4 weeks of waiting are usually the time you wait when you order it in China, not because they say it’s handcrafted but cause it’s just a mass market product…Almazan knives and Almazan kitchen claim it’s theirs own design, that’s fake! This is chinese chef knives and it exist since a longer time than both reunited…Have you wondred why Almazan knives page is runned in USA and not spain as they claim they are? Why is it just impossible to find an adress or pics of the forge in Spain? Why there’s no justice action between Almazan kitchen and Almazan knives?
Cause the only response is that both are fakes and over priced…

i got both bushcraft versions, both came reasonably sharp, enough to kind of cut a tomato, i ran it over my stones and now i have the right bevel on it and it is Japanese sharp not butcher sharp. i’m stoked with mine.

I would't mind giving the a try,,,only cause I don't have 300 bucks to support Amazon Kitche (love their videos) ,,,but this website SUCKS,,,could't find the knife, so I guess I'm s.o.s with both of them,,,,just makes me wonder if this Company is as bad as their website

The weird thing is that you can't find anyware a handforged knife with a leather sheath for 94$ so it make me think that is a mass production knife only for that reason.of course if you are satisfied as you say who am I to judge

You cant compare a chinese peice of shit knife to a hard crafted, hand forged knife. If you dont understand why then you need to research forging knifes and blades! Like everything in life you get what you pay for. If you buy a peice of shit chinese knife i am sure it will come doll, break and chip easy! If you want a real knife order the expensive, custom hand crafted hand forged knife. Just like almazan recipes the biggest secret is that majority of the things he cooks with is home made, home grown and hand crafted!

Very good review. Thank you. I bought the Bushcraft version, got it in 3 weeks. And it's a very good quality. The difference with your review is that the blade is originally a razor. No need to have it sharpened.

Almazan Kitchen started There YouTube Channel June 9th, 2015, they did not use this knife until April 13th, 2016. 10 month 1 week later. They claim they Are the original ones to have these knives. I found a video from 2012 of a man in Taiwan that was using this exact knife to cut up pineapples. The knife had a fully formed Patina and he was using it like he had been using it for years. Almazan Knives are not the Liars. Almazan Knives has been in business since 1985, and have been making this knife since 1988. The delay in shipping was because of a loss of 800 Knives from Rouge employee. They are getting back on track. They are not Fake. Almazan Kitchen are Liars

Fraude firm..They talking about having problems with shipping and bla bla bla…. But its fraude and nothing more.
Do not buy! Period

Ich warte seit geschlagenen 16 Wochen 👎! Mann wird nur hingehalten und belogen! Schade eigentlich, denn kochen können die Jungs👍🏻aber der Rest…… zum kotzen!

AlmazanKnives you are FRAUDS!!! i ordered almost 4 months ago and im still waiting!! no response to my emails!! you just send every couple weeks to all fooled customers an email that we will get within 24 hours a tracking number but nothing happend!!!

The same reshaped Chinese cleaver with a good sheath. You can choose a Chinese cleaver for $89 or the same for $300.The difference is in the sheaths. No blacksmiths in action in Serbia. In Spain either.

Good knife, made of heavy carbon steel. A magnet will stick right to it, and it will rust if you leave it wet due to the iron content in the metal, which is yet another indicator of the type of metal used for the blade. I keep a light coat of veggie oil on mine after I’m done. Good knife.

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