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SOS Survival Tin Kit Review!!

Today we are taking a look at and reviewing the SOS Survival Tin Kit. I got this for &6 shipped from ebay. Lots of good stuff in there, and enough room for you to add a few things also….

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12 replies on “SOS Survival Tin Kit Review!!”

Hey my friend I just get one to day it a cool little kit my did not have Multi tool but it did have a jack knife and a really decent little flashlight

I had one of these kits, and I didn't think anything in it was worth using. everything in it bends or breaks with very little use.

This kit would probably work for a seven or eight year old who wants to learn something about survival, but even a child will tear one up within days.  I've seen it happen several times. 

For not very much more, you can put together a similar kit that's actually strong enough to do real work.  I picked up a Ozark Trail multitool on sale for three dollars, and it's remarkably strong.  I got a flashlight for a dollar, a saw for two bucks, and both also work very well.

I got a box made of high impact plastic that's far stronger than this box for another dollar. I was surprised to find that Walmart sells these boxes in the pharmacy section, and they're made to hold a bar of soap, but they're the perfect size, stronger than any of my aluminum tins, and have a snap closure that does seem to ever wear out or break. 

I found a ferro rod about twice the size of the SOS one for two dollars, and one of those, and one of those card multitool things for another two dollars, but  it's made of much better steel. 

I didn't add a whistle because I don't like them, but I did add a mirror for a buck, and a credit card sized  Fresnel lens for nothing. If you keep your eyes open, a lot of companies give away Fresnel lenses as a promotional item. 

I also added a small fishing kit with three small hooks, two tiny bobbers, a couple of sinkers, and twenty feet of braided line for free.  I made several small fishing kits, and several larger ones, just by walking along the shore of a local lake and picking up items fishermen lost or discarded.  Anyway, this kit cost about twice as much as the SOS kit, but everything in it is strong enough to use hard without breaking or bending, it has more items, a better box, and is a cheap as I could find a way to make a truly usable small survival kit.

cool little kit especially for the price. another great vid bud, your just a cool dude! keep em comin!

The kit looks great, I use an charcloth candy tin that has the same dimensions as your Altiods tin, little hole in the lid and it works great ! Greets Martin.

This kit would make a great training kit, but I don't know if I would want to depend on it for survival. I have a much more robust kit then the ones made in China. I do appreciate you sharing my Friend FBB&S👍👍👍👍👍

These tin kits are always interesting. I bought 2 different type of tin kits, one for my saddlebag kit and one for my son's kit. In a pinch, they do give you something which is better than nothing. Good video!

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