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Pocket Survival Kit based on the SOL Scout

Taking a look at the contents of my modified SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Scout survival kit. This kit is a basic survival kit based on the SOL Scout and Origin kits. I don’t like most pre-made survival kits but the SOL Scout is one of the better options so I decided to modify it to make it much more effective. I think the Scout is a decent basses for a PSK (Pocket Survival Kit) as it would be hard the contents of it for less money at the same quality.

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I think of the best uses for the tin foil is for fire making. If the ground is wet or really rocky a bit of foil can be fashioned into a shallow bowl that will keep your tinder together and dry.

The AMK kits are a good foundation, especially the ones they made years back. It appears that they've cheaped-down some of the stuff. For example the newer whistle isn't as good as the old one and the new striker is inferior to the older Spark-lite. Still, most of the stuff in a PSK will never be used, or used for a short period of time. It doesn't matter if it won't hold up for years as long as it's well made enough to do the job.

I made these same kits for cheaper but much better quality items. The fishing line and cordage for instance is really junk. Invest in spider line for these kits, or ask anyone that fishes if you can have a bit of their nice heavy duty, low tangle line. This is a birds nest in the making. Kevlar is the way to go with cordage for such a small kit. Expensive yes, split a roll with friends…my experience with those button compasses, they are the first thing lost. There are a million brands out there now attached to pull tabs, keepers, etc… Either that or super glue it to the back of the mirror. What I noticed with some in my older kits is that they did not even work. Chances are that waterproof bag is in no way BPA safe. Food grade water bags are cheap on Amazon and a better choice, even a freezer bag. Coffee filters are a great way to pre filter your water. Fold them into tiny squares you can fit like ten in a tiny medication bag (found at every pharm. isle w/ pill containers)

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