Knife review: Schrade SCHF28 – Powerful recurve blade

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*** Specifications ***

Overall length: 35.5 cm (14 in)
Blade length: 20 cm (8 in)
Weight: 600 g (1.3 lbs)

Blade material: 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with titanium coating
Handle material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Price: about $50

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Hefty blade, excellent for chopping
+ Well designed, comfortable handle
+ Quality sheath

– Poor edge retention
– Quite heavy for its size

*** Verdict ***

This is a very well designed, effective knife that handles outdoor / camping tasks like batoning, chopping and carving wood with ease. I only wish it was made in carbon steel or mid-range or even high-end stainless steel, to be more wear resistant.

*** Where to find it ***

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In Canada:

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Jim W says:

Anyone notice the chip in the blade?

X-RAY ZULU says:

The idea of a recurve edge is to give 3 edges in one , the point kept razor Sharp for field dressing (( skinning etc)), the swell , is the chopping part kept with a working edge , the choil end again kept very sharp for food prep (( peeling veg etc)) and finer work ,carving feather sticks .

Mang Kepweng says:

Ugliest knife in the bushcraft world…………..

Ryu primeus says:

Well if Skallagrim reviews it you all know its going to be a good Knife or Sword to buy out of respect for Him.

Carl Carlson says:

What's your favorite Schrade survival knife so far?

Kitarya Kysubae says:

I think that qualifies more as a scabbard than a sheath

Kitarya Kysubae says:

Handle scales look like they came of a sportscar tire. Makes me wonder if I could root around a junkyard for a mostly bald discarded sports tire and use the treads as handle material. Might see if I can salvage a truck leafspring while I'm at it. Leafsprings are good salvage for making really strong blades from, especially choppers like a bolo or kukri

TonyElbows says:

this or the Kershaw Camp 10?

Lord Herman P. Riehl says:

And, Cutting Up Some Deer Meat Too.,

Lord Herman P. Riehl says:

It's Good To Have When I'm Cutting Up Hog Meat During Hunting Season.,

jhanks2012 says:

might make this one my new EDC

GrasDeRost says:

Which is most durable and robust: SCHF28 or SCHF26?

GitGud says:

where did you cop this skalla?

trav v says:

It looks so good.

informationwarfare says:

I've been looking at this one for years now. I keep coming back to it. I think I might have to get it, but I need to watch more reviews.

WarGrrl3 says:

if you like this knife but would prefer higher end materials, check out loyal blade's Tusk.

Daniel Elias says:

in your opinion, how would you say this knife would handle delicate task? I'm looking for a new hiking knife and I'm skeptical of trusting this knife. I've heard kukri styled knifes are hard to sharpen in the feild. Would you say this knife has any other potential rather then being a cool chopper?

Alibey Bal says:

I read Schrade like Charade

Mason Thornburgh says:

Meh, I'll pass………

Barghest Blue says:

"now that's a knife…"

Gotcha The Spider says:

I saw the knife at the beginning of the video, and immediately paused to look at the price, because I was curios just how far into the hundreds it was, not like I was going to buy it or anything, I don't have money, but then I look at the price and it says 50$ and I just shit my pants.

Gryphon Word says:

the edge retention is sad and the blade geometry isn't great but it seems great at chopping , could it outpace an essee

William Morales says:

Well done excellent discription of knives and shows performance.

♠Ripley♠ says:

2:48 what were you carving it into, a penis?

justin lake says:

am I the only one who noticed the chip near the belly of the blade as soon as he pulled it out? and as he shows against is skin? very nice blade though same blade design as cold steels Spartan folder.

christosvoskresye says:

What is the intended use of this knife? It looks like a cross between a machete and a meat cleaver, and it could probably butcher a deer as well as clean brush, but I suppose it's really intended more for one use than the other.

Michael King says:

I reckon it should be double edged

IRonikz_ Pro says:

I like my knives to look like mini machetes 😆

IRonikz_ Pro says:

0:15 why is there water on your knife

Sanya Borodin says:

Looks like knife from counter strike)

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