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Knife Review : CRKT Minimalist (Neck Knife)

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Just purchased this knife its replacing my sog snarl which I've had for 6 years now and it's worked perfectly but its blade design has limits and its hard to sharpen hope this ones as durable.

Man. I wish I could pull off that silver pimp chain. I always use paracord and am afraid someone will ask me what it is. That actually looks like a necklace. Unfortunately, I live in rural Texas so it wouldn’t go with my boots and flannel. Very cool idea though.

Just got mine today and I noticed that about the sheath then read reviews on Amazon and noticed they were all like that. So far I love this little knife, it's a great knife if it works well I will make it my EDC knife.

just got this same bowie very cool neck knife also bought a ganzo firebird cleaver folder man i freaking love it if you dont have it get one man you will love it its so so cool

know lie just got mine along with the crkt survival knife and the crkt bt 70 teranzano birthday edition all beautiful but my fav the minimalist bowie awsome

I thought the same thing about the sheath when I just got my Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife. I thought my luck again, I get the wrong sheath from the factory (even though it fits nice and snug), but after watching many reviews of this same Bowie, they are all the same with the Tanto Sheath!! I even went to the CRKT Website and sure enough their video on this Minimalist Bowie does have the Tanto Sheath. But I wonder if the blade can become dull by constantly withdrawing and inserting the blade inside that narrower fitting Tanto Sheath. I have heard that even Kydex dulls blades if they rub against the blade's edge!!No big deal for a $20 Neck Knife "I Guess", but was still wondering about it. And you're probably right about a business standpoint as to why make a different sheath for every single style of blade if some fit in the same sheath. Especially for a knife with sheath, belt clip and paracord (imitation) necklace with safety lock that selling for $19 bucks.

Pro tip: if you want to remove the lanyard, you don't have to cut it. Just unscrew the scales and the lanyard will come off. You can put it back if you ever want to.

Awesome review. Very funny and informative. Gotta love you smart men. 😉
A fellow YouTuber gave more credit to the designer. He said Folts put two years of thought into the design. Impressive and a great achievement based on the reviews I've seen. Two years of creativity, concentration and passion. That's gonna carry a vibe.
I'm a newbie though.

I think the lanyard is sprinkles on top. I like to believe it was him along with some close friends sitting around "jamming" one night on knife talk.

As a newbie, the hawk blades captivate me with deadly beauty. I will own a few – this old hippy chick ain't taking no shit.

I look for EDC with as much utility as possible and wonder why the tanto blade seems so controversial. I'm also thrilled to find brilliant designs at affordable prices.

Thanks for your great reviews.

thanks for this review it pursuaded be to purchase the knife , its a really good knife

I just got my order, mine has the green highlight grips. I am extremely pleased with it, shaving sharp out of the box. Very comfortable in the hands. Significantly bigger than my Mtech MT-675. Ergonomics is 100 % better in the CRKT (but almost twice as expensive). The sheath is extremely tight, ball chain will probably not work, it might snap when you pull the knife out. Overall though, I am very happy with it.

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