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Helle GT and Harding Knife Review and Comparison. Plus pronuncation apologies.

Helle is one of the most popular knife makers in Norway, and in this review I discuss my feelings & opinions on the GT and Harding knives. I muse about batoning with them, and worry about scratching their beautiful mirror finish. You can survive with them, hunt with them, wish with them, and do some light bushcrafting. I even start a fire with a ferro rod, and a Leatherman multitool. In this review you’ll see other popular knives with the light bushcrafting crowd, like the: Mora Kansbol, the Companion, the Vangedal Rover, and Spyderco Puukko. If you like either one of these knives buy them through my links below to support this channel.
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11 replies on “Helle GT and Harding Knife Review and Comparison. Plus pronuncation apologies.”

I just got a HELLE GT and will be using it as my hunting knife for skinning and boneing deer and elk to pack out. It will replace my 1990s Gerber Parabellum lock blade. It is a "true" Gerber, before Fiskars bought it out.

This HELLE laminated blade reminds me of the custom Moreseth laminated blade knives (which sold for 3 times the GT price!). Anyway, beautiful knife at a very reasonable price. The excellent sheath is just a bonus.

I plan to add a 1/4" thick slice of shaped elk horn to the pommel to cover the tang stud and also extend the grip a little. I'll use JB WELD 2 part epoxy to glue it to the pommel. It will just add to the knife's beauty and make it customized. After all, a good knife is a very personal item with pride of ownership beyond what a mere "tool" would engender.

Those are nice looking hunting knives and look like some I have which is rat tail knives. The knives I have for camping out is full tang knives and they are the ones I would depend on for camping out.

I get the feeling you camp the way we used to camp. We preferred a white man fire (Indian build little fire and stand real close, white man build big fire and stand way back). I have fond memories of putting a propane blow torch, hooked to a bar-b-q tank, being placed under two logs that might have been 150 pounds each. Sometimes they were soaked in diesel and several times an old tire got tossed on to (spread it around a bit). Hot dogs n smores had to wait "till the taste burns off". We never had an axe just a chainsaw and god help you if you "wasted the mix" diesel was fine but gas and chainsaw oil took work to make. Also you had to have a camper that looked like it came out of the grapes of wrath. All fish and game would be processed no more than 10 feet from the fire. Children were brought "camping" only because the Adults needed someone to "hold this" and "get us a beer" and "haul this off".

I just have one question. Does your wife know you're wearing her belt? Asking for a friend.
Kidding. I don't have any.
Most entertaining reviews on this pants-on waste -of time… place in the interwebs.
Thank you.

I hope you didn't pay extra for the curliness of that birch, because it ain't curly at all. It looks like it came out of a burl, but I couldn't see any curliness whatsoever. You should write an angry letter to somebody Danish.

Never understood the nordic obsession with fords. They don't strike me as people who like big American cars. To each their own I reckon.

I have a Helle Viking and use it all the time. Helle knives are functional. Just don't baton them. They are made for cutting.

JUST subscribed,it's 4. AM here and all I want to do is drink coffee and watch more of your videos.BTW it pronounced Helle.I have those two knives and the Helle Eggen,most of my knives are Scandinavian and I have them on display in the gun room.When hunting I carry a Mora companion knife in my game bag and a Buck Lite knife on my belt for field dressing Deer.DON'T worry I'll record the porn.Stay safe.

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