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Esee PR4 Fixed Blade Knife Review. A 4 incher design by Patrick (Not Henry) Rollins.

The Esee PR4 was probably one of the most anticipated fixed blade knives released this year. This review and wood beating test covers ergonomics, cutting, and compares it to several other popular fixed blade knives in the knife comparison section. You’ll see the Esee 6HM, the Mora Kansbol, the Izula, and the Vangedal Rover. The PR4 features a 4.19 inch blade made from 1095 carbon steel and a handle made from sculpted ad polished micarta. The knife is designed by Patrick Rollins from Randalls Adventure Training and Equipment Group, , made in the USA by Rowen Manufacturing, and part of Esee’s Camp Lore Series. It was said to be inspired by the Kephart Sheath knife.

You can get the knife quite a few places like here:

Official Product Page:

28 replies on “Esee PR4 Fixed Blade Knife Review. A 4 incher design by Patrick (Not Henry) Rollins.”

I really like your videos and dry humor. Very vey informative and love all the comparisons. Yiur channel would skyrocket even more if you drop the foul language. This video gets a huge upvote from me.

That Esse 4 must be really inexpensive what with 1095 steel and lots of chunks off the handle.Your health and safety is a credit to you,I was watching you chop wood through my hands.Do you have a knife sharpening vid on your channel.Stay safe.

I watch this video again.i really like the knive.i might get one .its reall nobull shit knive.can ues fjre steel good prep oray. Job done .😁

the flat delivery mixed with his passive aggressive statements make this video everything i never knew i needed.

The only thing I didn't like about this one is it doesn't retain an edge that long. Or maybe I got one with a botched heat tempering. I noticed that Ontario's 1095 is stronger than ESEE's 1095, it stays sharp longer & it shouldn't be like that, ESEE knives are twice the price of Ontario's knives.

Love your humor ! No nonsense review and I enjoyed your comparisons. Thanks for sharing, Subbed. All the best from Scotland. Garry

Son, you sir, are hilarious. Honest and a good reviewer. It is like I am listening to well, me. LOL the sarcasm is great and done, spot on. I am eager to listen to more of your reviews. I also recently purchased a PR4. I heard that the PR4 is coming to the end of it production run. for 100.00 it was a good deal. Nice companion blade for bushcrafting things than those huge choppers. Well off to watch more of what you have to offer. Thanks.

Nice knife. I like it, it’s on my I will get that one day. It looks similar to the Ontario Blackbird SK. Peace.

Think about asking for a hatchet for your birthday. To me, battoning is only for unexpected/emergency situations unless you want to carry something from a Crockadile Dundee movie.

I took a survival class from Patrick and it was awesome. He knows his stuff and he's a really nice guy. I think I'm gonna buy one of these. My current knive is to big to carry daily but this one might be edc able.

I really appreciate that you edited in the handle thickness for us to see, that's so important to knife people like myself. A handle can make or break whether some of us will buy it. Take for instance benchmade knives; well made…but it feels like you're holding a measuring ruler.

PS great video review

As usual, great review. I think I commented on IG and mentioned that you should snag a Camillus Bushcrafter. Its an inexpensive USA made blade that is really great!

With this class of knife being so competetive, I honestly do not know why they use such a thin handle, especially on a knife designed to be used in bushcraft type use. I guess its more of an aesthetic choice but I think its becoming common knowledge that fatter handles are really much preferred by nearly everyone for actually knife use.

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