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Dango Dapper- EDC Wallet Review

This is a review of the Dango Dapper EDC Wallet. I have been using this wallet for a couple of weeks now. Minimalist wallet. This is my first minimalist EDC style wallet.

Dango Dapper ECD wallet:

Video: Samsung Note 5
Audio: Audio-Technica LAV Microphone:
Editing: KineMaster App
Thumbnail: PixelLap

11 replies on “Dango Dapper- EDC Wallet Review”

The money slid outta there a lil too easily, not a fan of that. Gimmicky but cool lookin' card holder for a few items. I wish that you had your chain hooked up to it

You should check out The Trayvax Contour and the Trayvax Element. I think theyre better as far as a minimalist wallets go

Your review for this wallet is by far the best on YouTube. All the other are of people mumbling with poor lighting. Great job dude. 🙂

Blake, great content. I really dig this review and look forward to more in the future. This wallet looks right up my alley.. I will definitely be purchasing. Thanks bro!

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