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The Best EDC Wallets – TRAYVAX Contour and Original 2.0 – Review

Initial impression and review of 2 wallets from Trayvax;
The Contour and OG 2.
I will continue testing these wallets indefinitely.

If you have experience with these wallets or the company, let me know what you think below!
Also, if you have any questions, please let me know as well.

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Not only do you get the discount, but I get a small commission that helps support the channel! Thank you!

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29 replies on “The Best EDC Wallets – TRAYVAX Contour and Original 2.0 – Review”

Nice… Wallets that cost over a hundred dollars, but how many wallets will I buy in the next 65 years… I would be over 100 years old when the warranty was up. LOL
Great Wallets, great review Edward. I'm a front pocket wallet carrier too. Thanks for sharing, take care.

Nice wallets, but they're not rfid blocking signals. Non of them. They provide a certain protection but the information can be scanned. Check it out. Nice review. Thanks.

I have one of treyvax wallets can’t remember which one. The element? Idk I think it was the 65$ one. It’s been great for about a year. But I have always wanted the contour. I don’t always carry cash, but if and when I’d like to be able to carry more. The one I have can hold maybe 5 bills and 8 cards. But it flattens the Shit out of them. Like I ironed the bills Everyday for a week. It’s a hard trigger to pull on a 140$ wallet but on the other hand I have used a 25$ wallet for 5 years with out switching. This contour wallet could get passed down through the family.

Enjoyed your video …. Subscribed! The #trayvaxbuyback is good till end of April 2019 and I am patiently waiting for the improved Axis in black. Until then I already bought the OG 2.0 and I love it (not turning in this one as I am starting my #Trayvax collection) keep up the great work.

Excellent video editing, very well put together. Nice review — I have both of these wallets also, and love them both. Using the OG2.0 most every day. I used to use their Axis most every day — no leather wallets, which feels more bullet-proof, and the form factor is tiny and perfect while keeping good accessibility to both cards and cash.
I also love the Spyderco Pakkawood! (Mine is a Delica… I think yours is the larger Endura?)

Everyone is crazy bout a sharp dressed Ed!
They are some sic quality wallets! Congrats on them reaching out!
65 years, $20 trades for the old plus the Edward discount?
That’s an epic deal!

I own several Trayvax wallets including the two you review. Love them. Currently rocking the Element as I'm always switching between them. Great review too. You put a lot of effort into your videos and it shows. Subscribed.

Such an awesome way of filming this video.
Also the wallets look really amazing. Very durable and a 65 year warranty is insane.

Nice video and review! Thanks for keeping it real! Between all your other reviews you give so many details that are helpful!

I keep two cell phones in my left pocket, keys in the right and thin wallet in my right rear. As much as I’d like to not have a wallet in my rear pockets, I just don’t think I can do it. I was starting to have pain in my right hip, so I switched to a super think wallet that carries no more than 4 cards.

I’ll be checking out trayvax for some rear wallets! Thanks for the discount code!

IMHO this channel should have way, way more subscribers and views. Edward, you always bring us great content and the time and effort you spend on your videos really shows. Thanks for approaching your reviews with transparency and honesty.

I’ve seen these wallets also! Thanks for the video! I ordered 2 different wallets with your discount today! Lol

Excellent products and excellent slick production Edward! A fantastic look at these wallets. You’re one of the best brother!

Another great video and review, I dig it! I am definetly in the market for a new edc wallet and I will be checking these out. I since switch my line of work and dont have the need for a big bulky wallet and this seems to fit what I need! Thank you for the discount and keep them coming!

Great video Edward 👍🏻👍🏻 quick question and I’m sorry if I somehow missed it. Which of the two did you prefer?

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