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Knife Review : Tool-logic SL3 (Knife/Firesteel Combo)

Here is a new knife review…

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I found one of these at Ross Dress for Less for 49 Cents new in package reduced price!!!!I didn't think I found anything that special!!!! That's what I Really like about You is You Give Reviews on Top Shelf items and Bottom Shelf Quality!!!!! Cutlery Periodically Check out Ross Dress for less for Pocket knives Flashlights and Tools You would be surprised what You can find For Very Low Prices!!!!!Let me know what you find on YouTube!!!! Great Video Sincerely Thomas Raymond of Fresno California!!!!!!

I have been searching for an ideal fire starter to carry in my mini B.O.B. I watched your video and as soon as I am done typing this I am placing an order for the SL-3 model you demonstrated. Thanks for sharing!

I like the design here. I'd be interested to see more tools like this, though the liner lock has extremely small width here so I would be a bit timid on stressing it. I really don't feel like we have enough folding options that come with a firestarter and/or light. Made in China, but I'll be buying one of these at my next bladehq stop.

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I see the purpose in making the back part removable from a manufacturers perspective, however I would not advise people remove this part of the knife themselves, for one obvious reason: Survival situations occur unexpectedly! This knife can only assist in such situations if it is carried in its original form at all times! Imagine breaking down on the drive home from work in a snowstorm, desperate to light a fire for warmth while waiting for recovery, and you left the firesteel at home…

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