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Knife Review : Stat Gear "Pocket Samurai" (Tiny Ti Framelock)

29 replies on “Knife Review : Stat Gear "Pocket Samurai" (Tiny Ti Framelock)”

Neat knife and yea they are $20 now, but you lost me with the slight flex of the locking frame, no thanks

I saw this vid a while ago and added it to my wish list recently. Just got it as a gift from my wife this morning for Christmas.
$20 (aluminum), built really well, and pocket clip now has two screws to prevent the twisting.
Great little knife for the collection!

Rlly cool design but definitely not worth more than 20$. If it were 20 or less it would be awesome!

They listened to your thoughts on this review, which I wish they wouldn't because the aluminum blades feel and look cheap and the the pocket clip now has 2 screws which sucks cause I don't need a pocket clip at all. But it is what it is.

bought the supreme one to add to my knife collection, opening this one handed is a struggle, especially if you have big hands

Maybe its because I come from the balisong world where 200 or 300 dollars is considered entry level for something that isn't total garbage, but 40 bucks seems reasonable to me.

It's hard to tell how big your hands are? That knife looks so small. Maybe not for my shovel-like hands!

It looks like a good compact design for an EDC knife if it were scaled up. Sort of slim like the Boker Urban Trapper.

I doubt anyone would mind the weight on something that small if they made it out of steel. Then maybe they could charge a more reasonable price.

I bought both the titanium and the aluminium version. I'm extremely happy with both. the titanium one is in my collection and the aluminium one is on my keys.

So that's coated Ti or what? That's at best anodized Aluminium, I'd bet.

If that's Ti, with what process was it blackened? That is not anodized Ti.
If it's coated as you seem to say with regard to the clip movement, then you have to ask: Why would anyone coat Ti with anything? Probably because it's not Ti.

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