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Kizer Sheepdog Folding Knife Review

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20 replies on “Kizer Sheepdog Folding Knife Review”

Far too expensive for me. But I am getting the identical looking "mini" version for around 1/3 the price. Not titanium, but still looks the same, only smaller.

Hi old friend. You've been away a few days it feels like. Oh and I do use most of my knives to cut up cardboard, no matter the price. If I am not gonna use it for that what can I use them for? I am not collecting safequeens. Glad you're back! I really like the Ki4488 also known as the "Sheepdog". I really like when you cover knives that are a bit more expensive.

Very cool! I have to buy tree stuff though. If you have some free time check out my channel to see what mean. I totally agree with your advice….Put in the work! Thanks for the awesome content sir! Have an awesome evening!

Great review brother and you can't go wrong with that steel, great steel. Sweet blade but I'm with ya on that blade shape though.

As this steel laughed its way through cardboard my wife laughed at my suggestion to purchase it.

I'm a user . I have a few user knives that could be called a collection . But I collect clones of over priced for no real reason so call high end knives . When I say over priced don't get me wrong I will pay a little more for American knife company knife ! Butt I m not bending over with no lube for these companies that do production knives for way way some times way way way over priced like the other one of these .
I don't review so I'm not in the same boat with youtube reviewers .
Us consumers need to use the other side of the capitalist equation ( the boycott )
But we have been so communized these last 50 or 60 years that we forgot how to use the power of the buyer . And we don't stick together !
I really like vids when reviewers knock things on the clones that are the same on the real one . Then don't knock the dame things on the real one . It makes me wonder if they can see the bias in their on vids !Sometimes the clones are even the same materials to ?

One thing I like about this knife is that it is also good for two hand opening techniques by grabbing the blade in the closed position.

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