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EDC LAS VEGAS 2019 – Review

Detailed review of EDC Las Vegas 2019 Festival with exclusive pictures and videos!
01:05 – Overview
02:25 – Lineup
02:55 – Map
03:45 – Kinetic Field
05:10 – Cosmic Meadow
06:00 – Circuit Grounds
06:40 – Neon Garden
07:00 – Basspod
07:50 – Wasteland
09:05 – Quantum Valley
9:20 – Stereo Bloom
10:20 – Food
11:00 – Merch
11:35 – Restrooms
12:15 – Art Installations
12:35 – Performers
13:35 – Weather

Thumbnail photo by: Graham John Bell for Insomniac Events

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22 replies on “EDC LAS VEGAS 2019 – Review”

My favorite sets from EDC 2019 were: Darren Styles, Gareth Emery, Andy C and Excision.

Who were your favorite sets!? (:

Only set I saw at basspod was that delta heavy b2b dirtyphonics set and I realized how fucking sick that stage was. Those guys threw the fuck down, great way to end the weekend

Now I gotta make my own video form my personal experience. And how did you not get copyright from Gold?

Another Great video! 🙌🏽
Did you happen to see the camp edc 2020 pods they have on display walking into the festival? I saw a video yesterday and they look pretty nice! Def camping next year

Can you do a second part and talk more about the parking since it just got worse now that we have stupid uber's all over the place making more traffic for us and also the fact that camping took lots of parking spots so that also sucks too. Both of those things are ruining it for everyone trying to get to the venue. And finally can you also talk about how bad of a job they did this year on the line up times!!! I mean It really really sucked that i had to jump from 1 stage to the other all because they had multiple people i wanted to see in different stages and I couldn't enjoy a full set because it had to be split since the next one was on at the same time. On Saturday i had to go to 3 stages to see 3 different people that I've never seen before and it really really sucked. I agree with you on kinetic stage I wasn't impressed even tho it look sick it wasn't very functional. They had no video integration with the DJ and I didn't see much fire, much lighting and fire going crazy. I dont know if it was the wind but definitely basspod was more exiting even tho the older version was way way better and definitely circuit grounds was the best stage which is sad because most of the big guys were at kinetic

First EDC 2019 was awesome. I liked the weather honestly. I guess some people haven’t been to those summer festivals inside hangars where is like a human oven. (WasteLand festival in July or project z). Food was good except the price. Visuals and art installations where from another world. Parking, honestly was decent from what I heard on reddit. The traffic wasn’t all that of a nightmare like described. Got my 2020 ticket on layaway already 😁.

I had to make a trip to the medical tent this time on Friday and I gotta say SHOUT OUT TO THE MEDICAL STAFF! They worked hard to make sure everyone was okay! If you’ve ever been in there you know there’s some scary sights, SHOUT OUT EDC MED STAFF!!!

Agreed! Map and layout is the best I've ever seen at a festival! My only disappointment is iI elt like the ran out of food early in the night every night which was disappointing

This was my first edc and I loved everything about it However I was freezing on the first day i wore a jacket second and third i didnt even wear my outfits which sucks because I invested so much into it. However I will say I'm really grateful I got to it made me want to be part of rave culture more then before, things they should really work on is the over crowding but at the end of the day life changing

My first EDC2019. Absolutely lived it. Idc what ppl say about the weather. I loved it I live in the desert so very much appreciated the cold plus i had someone to cuddle with.

Overall I had such a magical EDC. I'm always 1000% sober yet was walking around smiling, hugging and dancing with strangers. The happiness was infectious. I do have to say there was a lil sound bleeding between Quantum/Neon and Basspod/Circuit Grounds. We had to wiggle our way into the crowd quite a bit to cancel it all out, which was challenging at times because it was SO packed. But yes kudos to the designers because once you got a good spot the sound was AMAZING. Also the food was depressing. The pizza tasted like ketchup. I got a $12 "Veggie Bowl" that was refried beans, white rice, iceberg lettuce, salsa and cheese 😭😭😭 but I was starving, we had no choice. Some of the food vendors were so rude and so confused, it took over 45 minutes day 1 to get a pretzel. I wouldve given up but we made the rookie mistake or forgetting to eat that entire day. Super rookie mistake, but it was our first year, and next year we are 10000% doing ramen and hot pockets at the hotel 🤣 there just really isnt time to deliver any food to your hotel or go grab something when you want to be at the festival early. We would wake up at 12, and have to be out the door headed to the shuttle by 4 which if you're a girl it's a LOT. Makeup, hair, glitter, gems, pictures etc. 4 hours flies when you have to get ready for EDC! Might I add the shuttles were PERFECT. We never waited, got straight on. And they had water stations as well as portapoties before and after you got on so we were always super ready leaving and going into EDC. The staff was so nice, the buses themselves were nice. We were always home or at EDC within 2 hours or less.

Great review! I personally thought the weather was fair but very windy, next time gonna bring a short sleeve hoodie. It was not only my first edc but first time in vegas so ive yet to experience the dry vegas heat lol! But this experience was just so epic, I totally understand how its more than just music and art, my favorite was technoboy day2 and zeds dead set day3. But yeah I'm so gonna be well prepared for 2020. See yall at Das maybe tho!

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