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Cold steel medium Luzon knife review. Wow Ho Hum

unboxing,,,made in china,,,cutting test… Spyderco Tatanka and Native 5 appearance along with the ti lite.
OH,,,AND …Lynn Thompson likes big long black things.

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what would you recommend as alternatives? im looking for something similar to this and the CRKT seismic. but also read bad reviews of that. so now i am not sure.

I got the medium, I love the look of the blade but the handle doesn’t feel right and the liner lock is not good. Mine has the same grinding feel and when I look at the end of the blade it looked like it wasn’t finished, rough. Sounds like yours is the same. It’s definitely not easy to release and hurts my thumb to use. To bad I really wanted to like the knife.

New subscriber here, sounded like a fair and honest assessment… I love my Recon1 and Code 4 good review, till next time …

Nice honest review. Just got one of those medium Luzons. Was surprised at how light it is. Not bad for $30 though.

I miss Cold Steel's old American made Carbon-V steel very much, as well as the older designs they made them in. I like a lot of their new stuff, but I miss all the old stuff. they recently stopped making thier safekeeper series and thier variety of Voyagers is smaller. often they come out with a folder that I want to get so I wait to see it on sale somewhere, and it ends up being discontinued before I can find a good deal on it. I'm fairly dirt poor so I count my pennies before buying something. I always look to buy things on sale. always. I remember Cold Steel had a san mai folder called the Spector that was in thier line of a kind of semi custom looking line. it was normally a 400$ knife and when I seen it was 99$ I was super stoked, but of course they where sold out by the time I got my order in :/ they sent me a pocket bushman for free though which they had just started making around that time which was super cool. I ended up giving it to a friend that was going to college and didn't have a knife. for the money the Luzon looks like a great knife, especially if you are poor and don't already have one. for a collecter maybe it's not a Cadillac, but who says it wouldn't serve as a good utility work edge? I seen couple of em for under 30$ online. not a bad deal in my humble opinion. I like a Spyderco Byrd CaraCara2 for most of my utility needs. for under 20$, it's great

Good and fair review. It seems that maybe it is not the best stuff for the price and for practical using…but still worth trying for the design and appearance. I am not a fan of liner lock for worrying about its strength.But a Cold Steel liner lock with a security mechanism…hum maybe one more chance for that medium version Luzon. The most ironic thing should be that though it is produced in my country but we cannot buy it until at least 2019. Thanks for your review again, greetings from China.

So the grinding you're hearing when you unlock the knife is just lock stick, most of my titanium frame lock knives experience it. Including my Spydercos and ZTs. You can either wait for it to break in, or use a dry lubricant like graphite or draw on the lock face with a Sharpe.

Second, that pin is very important, it prevents the liner lock from completely rubbing against the tang of the blade, and it improves the action.

Third, the reason why your finger doesn't fit very well in that finger choil, is because it was meant to allow the thumb stud to interface with the liner, since it is being used in place of a stop pin. A lot of Rick Hinderer knives and some ZTs employ this design.

Fourth, cold steel knives are not very ergonomic in general, at least compared to Spyderco and I feel like a lot of knife collectors would agree. Sal and Eric Glesser are the best at making knives that melt in your hand, due to how ergonomic they are.
But you have to take into consideration that cold steels are meant to survive just about anything you can throw at it, and come out like nothing happened.

Also you can't compare your S110V Native 5 to an 8Cr13Mov Luzon, they are on completely different worlds in terms of quality with S110V being Superior. But that's not a bad thing, because you cannot touch a knife with S110V for under 90 dollars, but a knife with 8Cr13Mov you can. And for budget knife, the Luzon (from what I've seen) isn't that bad.
Is it for everyone? No, it was meant for people who want a cheap knife that can survive just about anything.

(Edit: I apologise if this comment doesn't make any sense, it's 2:30 Am where I live and I've been up since 7 am. So needless to say, I'm very tired)

i saw a lil video of lynn thomson talking about the new luzon knife. i was surprised that he was admitting that they chose to use chinese workers/ knife desiners to make this new line up of liner lock knives basically for no other reason but to be able to sell them at a lower price point. i am personally very sold on the tri-ad lock and the wave-able thumb stud thingy, cts xhp steel and made in taiwan**, but instead of sticking with those improvements to the folder industry and making high quality products only, CS has decided to try and compete against shittier products with shitter products ….for a profit of course. i personally very much do like most of cold steels products but i will not be buying any chinese CS or Spydercos!!!!!!! spyderco's made in china hurts my brain.. CS made in china is very disturbing as well… any thoughts?

I don'tikeiner locks but at least the Ti Lite has a thick beafy liner I wouldnt be afraid of failure during stabbing. Since the Ti Lite is made for stabbing. I also don't like folders that have a liner lock plus a slide lock. You are correct, after watching your review this knife seems better in pictures but I take it this knife really wasn't made for personal defense? More of a working knife?

I like the blade shape, I like some of the Cold Steels but dont own any yet. I do have a couple SpyderCos. I like the Ontario Rat folders too. I also like some of the Buck Knives.

I DESPISE liner locks, no matter who makes 'em. Last one I bought was a CRKT M21-04. Nice looking, but not great. The Luzon would be better with a better locking system. Did I mention that I HATE liner locks?

ahh maan I'm still waiting for my pre order large luzon. how'd u get it a month ago?
I always tried to avoid buying knives made in China. what a disappointing pre order im waiting on.

Saw the Luzon and handled it when I attended the 2018 parking lot sales Cold Steel regularly holds every May. Not impressed, even considering the Luzon was meant to be a low-end/low price knife. Very disappointed; the knife should be called Loser instead of Luzon.

Cold steel sells the shape of this knife. It certainly looks cool and looks sell just like sex sells.

The little pin you’re referring to is the detent ball which matches up with the detent hole drilled in the blade that keeps the blade from falling out when closed. All frame and liner locks have it. Some are placed differently where it wouldn’t catch like that, but not a big deal, that’s just how they designed the detent on that particular model. Like I said though, lots of other folders have it like that too. Good review!

That’s a cool looking knife. Interesting how Cold Steel used something with a similar concept as CRKTs LAWK. Are you going to dremel the small finger choil? Can you wave it to open it?

I believe that quillion on the back of the blade might be to imitate the wave feature meaning it catches on your pocket when ya draw it backwards and it flips the blade open. Maybe I’m wrong. I hate to say it but I actually like that little knife. I’m looking to jump on one when they’re available on Amazon again. Very good review ken.

Not a bad little knife. I think I like the looks of that Ti lite or whatever it was. The one with the dagger look. Good review.

Ship of fools brother. Boy do I miss the boys. Seeing Bobby next week! Great honest review. TFS

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