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Blade Show 2019: We Knife Co & Civivi


Thanks for stopping by the channel — I hope you’ll stay! These videos I took at Blade Show 2019 are my unrehearsed, unedited, in many instances uneducated, and unrefined first impressions of the products on display. Please do not take them as final review analyses; please do take them as the kind of organic conversations you’d have been a part of if you were right next to me at these tables and booths!

Apologies in advance for any info that I might have wrong or that ends up becoming wrong as changes are made to displayed products between now and their final production release.

10 replies on “Blade Show 2019: We Knife Co & Civivi”

I wish WE Knives offered a mail order catalog . It’s hard to know what they actually have out since they make so many models.

I like WE because they offer so many styles. They literally make something for everyone. Wow Civivi is getting better and better. I may have to pick up that rosewood one. Looks like a great user. Thanks for showing.

Eugene, what is the model name/number of the Civivi with the Rosewood handles in this video please? Great vids as I couldn't make the show.😢

I saw you but didn't want to interrupt. I was really hoping Andrei Sander would be there but no luck this year. I did pick up a couple of nice knives from other Russian makers for great prices.

WE once again proving that they can make some amazing pieces. They’re quickly becoming one of my favorite manufacturers

It blows my mind the sheer number of designs and new models that WE and Civivi release, always something new and exciting in the works.

What is that first Civivi? It looks a lot like a Massdrop Gent. I like it but I can't find any info on it

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