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Benchmade 535 Bugout Knife Review 1.8 ounce with hard use field test

With the Benchmade 535 Bugout pocket knife, Benchmade has made one of the lightest most durable 3 inch folders you can buy. Made in the USA with a S30V steel, and a liner-less grivory handle, it’s 1.8 inch weight can be deciebing, but it’s a very capable knife. In this review, I put it to the wood in a field test. I beat it up, whack the spine- and cut stuff with it. You’ll also see me compare it to other popular knives like the: Benchmade 551Griptilian, the Benchmade 765, the Spyderco Delica 4, the Benchmade 940.
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Correction on my cutting edge measurement: 3.03 in or 7.69 cm


10 replies on “Benchmade 535 Bugout Knife Review 1.8 ounce with hard use field test”

I liked the fact you knife baton with the bugout so much I subscribed! I like my bugout. Since I refuse to get a 940 that isn't a 940-1, I am glad the bugout can be the edc I don't mind losing or giving away to a friend in need of a good knife.

Sigh…It's a thin, lightweight knife made for CUTTING. A hard use test would be to cut something tough, using a lot of HAND pressure. The Bugout is the answer to the question, what is the lightest weight quality production knife I can buy? And what's with all the flinging…you know how to adjust the pivot, right? Bend a pocket clip until it is just right…for you?

What % of the knife is Bug? I am into full disclosure.
My dad used to say “why buy a broken knife”. We lived in Oregon and he needed a knife that could do real work. If you really want to destroy pretty much any folder, put the blade in a vise and strike the side or pry back and forth with one. The one thing a folder can’t do, that a fixed blade can, is pry. I prefer fixed blades. Hey! You could do a pry test on your folders!

$100 for a knife with a plastic handle, Benchmade has a lot of those which is why I don't buy them,the ones that aren't cost $200 and that's too much for most of us

😂 funny man just gotta sub, just for the humor and cussing. Yeah this knife was bought and returned day after, didn't even put it in my pocket. Couldn't get past the cheap ass handle. Got the spyderco para 3 same day…needless to say the spyderco is in my pocket!

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