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5.11 Tactical Backpack Review: Rush 12 | Best Everyday Carry (EDC) / Tactical Bag — Budget Bugout

By popular demand, here’s my review of my everyday carry (EDC) bag by 5.11 Tactical: the Rush 12. [Amazon links below]

The Rush 12 can be purchased here ►
The Rush 24 can be purchased here ►
The Rush 72 can be purchased here ►

Check out my review of the 5.11 Rush 72:
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26 replies on “5.11 Tactical Backpack Review: Rush 12 | Best Everyday Carry (EDC) / Tactical Bag — Budget Bugout”

@BudgetBugout did u just fold down the ankles on your boots on the side to secure to the pack?

Bro I have a question
If I am traveling for one day and back home the next
Is this backpack is the best choice or the 24 ?

is it okay to use in school everyday? or does it look a lot more just for outdoor activities only???

I have a bag where theres like this molle flap harness thingy on it and when I unbuckle it from my bag and flip it over it has a pouch thingy there. I dont know what that's for maybe you know?

Very concise and informative video review. I own the Rush 72 for my BoB and it holds 50# of gear easily and comfortably, and it is is very well balanced. The Rush 12 and 24 will attach to the 72 via the tier system of buckles and straps. I pair the Rush 72 with the MOAB 10 sling bag, so once I hit camp I strip the MOAB off for day hiking. Its a great system and very well built and designed. I have been considering adding the 12 to my system and your video has helped me to make the decision to go ahead and buy it. Thanks, BB!

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