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Zero Tolerance 0350TS Knife Review. Now with 100% more Tiger Stripes!

Do you need something sassy and serious in a knife? Check out the extremely tactical Zero Tolerance 0350TS. I know it’s been out a while, but it’s new to me. In this review I go over ergonomics, forget to say it has G10 scales, and beat on wood like I have no clue what is going on. Advanced Knife Tip: I don’t. Anyway, buy this blade at Optics Planet if you like this video and knife. You can use my exclusive coupon code for most things at Optics planet. Well not Zero Tolerance knives, and a few other things- but it helps me out if you buy stuff with the code.

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Zero Tolerance Spring Assisted Knife:
Zero tolerance at OpticsPlanet:

23 replies on “Zero Tolerance 0350TS Knife Review. Now with 100% more Tiger Stripes!”

Just got one of these from a buddy… he didn’t care for it, I love it!! Subbed! 👊
(Also, love the deadpan humor, it’s strangely refreshing…)

I've got the non tiger version, carry it for self defense, blade shape is too weird for EDC use for me at least.

I love ZT knives there in my top 3 knife companies along with Benchmade and spyderco.I own 5-12 knives in each brand. I have the same ZT without the tiger stripe s30v flips great with a thick liner creating a strong tuff lockup.

Well done. At over six ounces, that tiger won’t be seen by anyone on safari in my pocket. Their loss.

Just to let a possible buyer know my experience..after a rainy day in texas ,my 350 ts get all rust on the blade …contact service department and get surprised. I PAY $200 for a knife with a joke warranty .they said the rust its not covered under warranty ,even when they have the specifications on their website showing a blade made of stainless steel (rust resistance) with a tiger stipes coating the knife is excellent to carry .heavy knife but with a cheap alloy blade . So if you plan to buy one or already owned .take care of the blade because its not warranty covered

The grind is flat saber, not hollow.
The blade stops are not thumb studs, they are blade stops.
It has a detent so it works beautifully de-assisted, which I prefer.
Kind regards from Amsterdam

Most of the ZeeTee line look like overpriced Mall Ninja knives to me, I just had to watch the video to hear your quirky comments!

We waited 4 years for your review and not once did you puncture a car hood, baton a 100yr old oak tree or or hammer the ZT into a tree and then stand on it to test the lock…… thanks for not doing any of that shit 🙂 We need more knife reviews

I was playing around with the 0350 yesterday. I liked it, but I don't really care for the wear resistant type steels like S30v. Would get one if it had 154CM or maybe BDZ-1.

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