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Survival Kit In A Can

Survival Kit In A Can
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Hi Lilly – I really enjoyed your video. I carry everything you suggest and more in a bag I carry with me every day, everywhere I go.

I like this a lot, excellent starter kit.
I would however change the "can" to a mess kit, you can get the type that has two nesting pieces that fit together.
I would also add a space blanket and/or a large garbage bag for shelter. Then I would add a heap of folded up heavy duty aluminium foil, a small quantity of several sizes of cable ties, a small pencil and several sheets of note paper (write in the rain type), a fresnel lens, more storm matches (waxed to make them waterproof) in a second match safe, a small tube with Tinder-Quik tabs or cotton wool/petroleum jelly tinder inside, and mini Bic lighter &/or peanut lighter. Lastly I would add several large oven bags, capable of being used to boil water (over coals) and water storage.
I know you have a saw on the SAK Hunter but I would also add a quality wire saw.
Concerning the ferro rod, I personally don't like those thinner diameter rods, I use only 1/2" diameter rods, they last longer and are less fragile (I found those thinner rods can snap quite easily). I would also add a magnesium rod (to be used as tinder) and ferro rod striker (I prefer Corona Tool sharpeners, they make excellent strikers and can be used to sharpen your knife in an emergency.)

Nice little kit I would recommend some first aid knowledge as well cause you mentioned a tampon for a gunshot wound when you can't just use a tampon you gotta control the bleeding make sure the wound is dressed properly and make sure no major arteries were damaged. As a soldier whose been shot at and seen soldiers go down thanks to bullet wounds it takes more knowledge then just what people say to fully treat a wound most people freak out and are incoherent

Lilly I say this as a person who loves your vids but you dont necessarily need water purification tables. If you simply have s plastic bag you can tie that around a plants leaves and the water that would evaporate will be caught in the bag

if you have paracord you dont need the other string. paracord can be skinned down to to just a few strands. also i would add a trash bag or a disposable poncho or space blanket

Wow that's pretty decent, kind of missing a trash bag or something for shelter but other than that great for the size!
the only thing I can speak on that seems like it should be replaced would be the dextrose. it may give you an energy boost but it will make you hungrier shortly after as well as attract insects. throw in some pemmican or asmall ball of fat instead.
also, breathing techniques for energy conservation, clarity of mind and stress reduction are something nobody mentions but I seriously can't figure out why… #navyseals

Original, was snarer, made by horse tailhair. Not metal. Oprindelig, blev snarer, lavet af heste halehår. Ikke metal.

Em primeiro lugar garota você é linda e em seu kit de sobrevivência está bem organizado. Abraço! Rio de Janeiro Brasil

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