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Spyderco K2 Farid Folding Knife Review. Titanium and Super Steel Special!

Spyderco makes plenty of tiny knives, but what about one of the biggest baddest folding knives they make? Well used to make, because in 2016 the Spyderco K2 Farid Titanium folder has been discontinued. The K2 Farid is a 10 inch overall knife with a big 4.5 inch flat ground blade, made from CPM-10V. CPM-10V is a powdered super steel manufactured by Crucible, and known for it’s extreme wear resistance. Spyderco teamed up with custom knife maker Farid Mehr to make this beast. Anyway, hopefully this is the most entertaining review on Youtube for this big bad knife… otherwise you can get you money back. I test it, abuse it, and make some bad jokes. You can support my channel by buying this knife through my Amazon link below.


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This knife has a nice blade shape. Nice to look at anyway. Good for food prep. I like hunting style knives. They typically have a comfortable hamdle with a nice blade shape. Like my USA made gerber gator. 420hc isn't magical, but it sharpens easy and gets the job done. They make a 154cm version as well. Love the handle on the gators. The Victorinox hunter is nice too. I think cold steel has a similar knife also but I can't remember the name. Anyway, hunting knives are nice to look at and they make good food prep knives. Not that they can't do more.

Great review I have this knife and I like it. Even though it's a large knife it disappears in your pocket because it's so thin.

The outside stairs going down to your basement look like the entrance to some seedy downtown night club. It's probably the perfect place for tactical sparring or filming a fight scene. Nice bamboo, I want some! What grow zone are you in?

Great review. Do you still have your K2? It's a keeper for me. It broke in so well and it's crazy to have a knife that big operate so smoothly and carry so well.

Looks like a beast of a blade. I would consider one of these. Very witty stuff as usual. Nice job!

I love big knife, I cannot lie.. Heard lots of good things about the steel.. But I got my eyes on that huge Talwar from Cold Steel.. 😁😁 Awesome video as always 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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