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Schrade SCHF27 Survival Knife Review – First Time On YouTube!

The Schrade SCHF27 is a solid survival knife for under $50. Brand new for 2014, this is the first time this knife has been reviewed on YouTube. See how it performs under pressure.

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30 replies on “Schrade SCHF27 Survival Knife Review – First Time On YouTube!”

Hello Bryan your reviews are great they have peaked my interest in Schrade knives I would love to get a survival knife and your opinion on one. My choices are the Schrade F40D, F40 LD and the F 27 and last but not least F 9N . Thank you very much for your input again great job really thorough.

The marks on the top of the blade is what is put on military knives to be used for tactical purposes in combat. I have seen military knives with those on the blade before. The price is a bargain and I may end up getting one of them. After viewing two positive videos on this knife I will be checking out that knife on Schrade's web site.

Just got mine today. Spine is too thin and handle is ok. For 30 bucks it's a bugout for sure. Item in the handle is a waste. But for the money you can get much better. Great reveal. Ok knife….

Just don't buy the Schrade Zombie survival (green pkg.) knives as hollow ground breaks, like 1 in of the tip……

I appreciate that you review so many knives on your channel. But, how can you call yourself "survival on purpose" if you never get out of the back yard? That must be one tough neighborhood.

Good for the circus. Most of you are looking for survival knives: Saw spline (Cutting branches, small trees) Full tang, Exposed Pommel (striker), Clip point, Fine cuts, Serrations for bone, Razor sharp strait edge (Meat). True Multi Tool and survival Knife. If you can find one with gut hook. Complete! for less the $50 dollars, contact me!

Not impressed. Not that I am a huge fan of Gerber products, but you would get a better bang for your buck with the Gerber Strongarm.

This was the first knife of my knife craze when I started buying them several years ago. It' s like a danged sword it's so big, but I haven't been disappointed. You said once you were a plumber when you were "ranting" and that's maybe why I trusted you. You can't b.s. as a plumber. You have to know what you're doing. Some of these guys look like city folks playing expert. Thanks for the reviews. The only other guys I trust are the ones who look like maybe they were special forces and who've been out in the bush too long. Anyway, keep up the great reviews. You got me into this whole crazy hobby.

I use mine with fire stricker and a fero rod. Sorry for the spelling, but It still can start fires

Just to add to this review.

I made the mistake of buying a schrade knife a Old Timer Pro Hunter Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife (TB-PHW) Based on that neither I nor any of my aquaintances will be purchasing schrade knves in future. I'm in the UK land bought mine form a dealer here BA Blades.

The very first time I used this knife I used it to strip the bark from a piece of wood I was making into thumbstick. All I did with it was strip the bark the blade was marked on the edge which was a surprise more so was was that the Grind Line where the ground bevel meets the cheek was stained.

The gy who made this video the the video for that knife and other schrade knives used his Pro Hunter to baton cut and shave wood with no detrimantal effects. But even in close up you would not be able to see the damage done on my knife with the video's magnification. I contacted the dealer who's rep said he'd get back to me. He asked for pictures I sent them. He did not get back to me to I got back to him. He said he would have to see what schrade said, 2 more months and I have heard nothing.

We won't buy Schrade again or from PJS (UK) Ltd Trading as BA Blades in Kent.

It is well worth $50, though in 2017 I have seen them on clearance for $20 or so. 8cr13 is high carbon stainless steel. There is nothing inherently wrong with "Chinese steels" if heat treated properly. The tool in the handle can be taken out if it bothers you, but kind of nice to have. Thanks Bryan. You are the man!

You still give the best reviews on knives and wondering if you ever checked out something like the little Barlow knives, I am not a fan of survival knives I prefer to have a camp ax and small or medium knife for camping My daughtr did buy me a Bear Grylls ultimate knife and it is a great knive not near as bad a some say a you proved in a review

I received mine on a Sunday. It came well packed and razor sharp out of the box. I own about 6 knives and this one is my go to besides my Gerber pocket, but that is going to change. My question what is the schrade knife sharpener to use on this blade and for my other knives? Your video's really are very helpful. Please get keep them coming. Thank You. I will be getting more gear and more knives. Thanks.

What's going on Bryan. I received my SCHF27 yesterday which was Sunday. I'm happy that it came fast. I also received the SCHFS1 large Ferro rod with striker plate and lanyard. I really like this knife and the striker plate. The knife is very well built and tough. I will be putting both of them to the test. I will be getting another one down the road. I have really don't have nothing to say, but that's me. Great video. You did a great job. Thank You Bryan.

Good review. I just recently started collecting a few Schrade knives that I like from their SCHF series. I like the overall specs of the SCHF27. And, I really like the look of it, other than the "serrations" on the blade spine. For its price point, tho, I am going to order one and I'm going to do a lil re-profile on the blade by removing those serrations.

glass filled nylon dulls blades quicker than you would believe! not a good material for a sheath.

I bought this night after watching your video and several others. As soon as I got it, I opened it up walked over and stabbed one of the logs next to my woodburning furnace began to pry a little bit and the tip broke off. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

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