Ka-Bar Becker BK-7 – Knife Review & Demonstration

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Highlights of the performance and specifications of the Ka-Bar Becker BK-7.

Custom work by DobermanKnives – www.youtube.com/user/doberman74

Knife Specifications

Blade Length: 7″
Metal: 1095CroVan
Overall Length: 12.75″
Blade Thickness: 0.188″ – 4.7mm
Blade Coating: Black epoxy powder coat
Grind: High, flat saber grind
Handle Material: Full tang, Grivory
Sheath: Black Nylon w/ kydex insert
Weight: 12.9 oz.
Made in USA


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Baz94 ! says:

Just seen the likes/dislikes. At present, 74 Argentinians have seen this video

Baz94 ! says:

Why the fuck havent you got your own Television program?! First class videos!

J Jill says:

LOL, The sheath is a piece of garbage, yes. ALL canvas sheaths are trash, i hate them. I own a BK9, i Love it, awesome knife, very durable piece of metal and i could definitely end a mans life with it, if that situation ever occurred. I would recommend the BK9 to anyone. But for me, 25% of my satisfaction comes in getting a good sheath with any knife, anytime a knife comes with a canvas sheath, the company immediately loses 25% of my interest, so the blade needs to peak at 125% to retain my money

Jonathan Aisel says:

I’d be curious to know if you can still have this knife in the UK

tornadokat says:

Love his vids as always but gotta nit pick on one thing that was said. It is not a Scandi grind since it has a distinct second bevel from the factory and the primary grind starts up by the spine whereas a Scandi starts halfway or more towards the edge and uses just one bevel that can be convex or flat or flat that ends with a little convex. . I have a BK7 but not in front of me at the moment to refresh my memory on whether the primary bevel was a full flat or a hollow grind. Many Mora knives would be an example of a flat Scandi.

Brandon Stacy says:

Primitive, you mean countries that have put a flag on the moon

Temp3st60 says:

This man is a savage and I love it. Great video

nxxy nx says:

Paint stripping the knife is a good idea in the UK, wood handles are a good idea too. Need it to look as least tacticool and threatening as possible.

StandingAgainst TheEnemy says:

"The BK7's blade length is seven inches, 12.7 inches overall…a great compensator for a small penis". LMAO!

Basti _ says:

Got it years back when the review came out while I searched for a knife. I can approve all you say, especially the action man playing!
All jokes aside, the handel is not so comfortable, but fixable, shied is not perfect, but I love the added pocket! Every thing else is good.

Antisalin From warframe says:

wait u dumb brit dis knife was made in amrica

ps im british so i caan say that U are a metric using bottom feeder my frind

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