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Henry Rifle US Survival kit First Impressions

this is my first impression of the henry us survival kit this is not my review

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if you used it to boil water im guessing there is a good chance of the black plastic lid locks are going to melt …….

It’s a nice kit, but too expensive!! Most of the things in it I already have. For me, the most useful item would be the tin. Note – the silica packs absorb moisture, not oxygen. Using the bottom tin for boiling water would probably melt the roller clips, but if you’re in a desperate situation I guess that would be a good trade off.

Looks like a pretty good kit. I am looking forward to the testing. I hope you are feeling well. Thank you for the video, Mike

This is a nice kit.
But like all kits it isn’t any good if your not versed in it components uses.
People get them and put them in packs, cars and what not.
And forget about them.
If you’re going to have a survival kit, buy two
One to put in you’r pack or car.
And one to use and get familiar with all the components of the kit

My question is a genuine one, how many people ever use a fishing kit (or a sewing kit )in a real survival situation ? I think most of us would be spending all of our time trying to keep warm, dry & get out of a bad situation . I see lots of fishing kits in survival tins but how many people ever use them other than survival videos or they might try them out, but in reality unless you are stuck for 5+ days would anyone ever use them ? Am i unique in thinking this .

Like you said, not a bad kit. I'm somewhat impressed with it. Thanks for the initial showing. I'm happy to learn you're getting well enough to get out again…congrats!

First impressions…the price is a bit salty for a tin can sized kit. I checked the site and the container is NOT recommended for cooking. Seems strange to me. Enjoyed the story of how cooter can fog the brain of a teenager. LOL

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