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Gerber LMF II Review – Best Survival Knife for the Money?

NEW Gerber LMF II REVIEW from – Is the Gerber LMF II the best survival knife for the money? Let’s see…

Today we’ll bash through a car window and make a spear with the Gerber LMF II. We’ll compare it to the SOG Seal, SOG Force, Gerber LHR, Bear Grylls Ultimate, LHR, Prodigy and Gerber Silver Trident…

Let’s take a fresh look at the Gerber LMF II survival knife and find out if it IS the best survival knife available for under $70 online.

We’ll look at the Gerber LMF II (Gerber LMF 2) survival knife from just about every angle and hone in on who should buy this knife and who should look somewhere else. Could this be the best survival knife for the money today? Let’s find out…


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AS PROMISED… Here Are Links to ALL the Gear that I Mentioned in the Video:

SOG Seal Pup (Premium Smaller Combat Knife):

Gerber Prodigy (Nice Smaller Survival / Tactical Knife):

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife (Now Available in a Fine Edge – NO Serrations):
REVIEW – Serrated Edge:
REVIEW – Fine Edge:

Gerber LMF II (ASEK, Survival and Infantry):

SOG Force (Excellent – Survival / Tactical Knife):

Gerber Silver Trident (the Gold Standard in Combat Knives):

SOG Seal Team Elite (Premium Full Tang Tactical Knife):

Gerber LHR (Premium Full Tang Tactical Knife):

HERE’S the STUFF I Attached to the LMF II Sheath:

Whistle (the Bear Grylls whistle is NOT sold separately – however, you can get one from any of the various survival kits):

Bear Grylls Micro Torch (AKA – Mini LED Flashlight – Has 3 Settings (high, low, blink) – Battery IS Replaceable:

Bear Grylls Replacement Fire Starter:

Smith Pocket Pal:

Bear Grylls Sharpener:

ALSO SHOWN in Video:

Gerber Applegate-Faribairn Combat and Covert Folder (These are My Favorite “Carry-All-The-Time” Knives):

Gerber Guardian – Backup – Boot Knife (Snappy Little Covert Knife)

Gerber Safety Hook Knife / Strap Cutter (Was shown on my MOLLE vest next to the LMF 2 Safety Knife):

– SOG Seal Team Elite Knife:
– Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife w/ Serrated Edge:
– Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife FINE Edge:
– Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade Survival Knife:
– Gerber LHR Combat / Survival Knife:
– Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife:
– “OLD” Gerber LMF II Review (this was my first YouTube Review):
– Canon T3i Review:
– Canon T2i Review:

Here are links to a few of my other gear review websites:

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24 replies on “Gerber LMF II Review – Best Survival Knife for the Money?”

Yeah, was the "music" really necessary? I own five knives and this is my favourite knife. It feels good, looks good, works great. Coupled with my small kukuri I have every camping task covered.

I will never understand why anyone would make a knife thats not completely full tang. Never buy one

Had this knife on a deployment in the jungle. Fit well on a plate carrier vertical carry and on a belt vertical or horizontal. Did everything I expected in a bush knife, but i was actually surprised how well it did at chopping for a small knife. Confident grip for stabbing with wet hands, effective as a weapon.

However I fell off the side of a mountain and it tore apart the sheath (overcomable damage with boot lace) and broke the handle (cracked along the insertion point of the blade). I still used it to built shelters and stab my way up sheer elevation under load.

So the knife is good as long as you dont fall off the side of a double canopy mountain with it.

If the LMF ll came in a tanto, serrated, full tang, I would get one, however I’m forced into the prodigy only. The prodigy could use a more girthy handle, and thicker blade ! I have several bear gryll models also, I think 3, or 4, including the machete, which I’m really not happy in a curved blade design as far as machetes go. I think Gerber really gets the proper length down, any longer starts to loose dexterity.

I cannot stress enough to everybody that is thinking about buying this knife do not waste your money. First one I got straight out of the box blade shoot inside of the handle. Store replaces it I get another one use it to cut a couple boxes open no more than 5 go to check the handle the blade is shaking in the handle on the new one. This knife is not to be trusted for a survival situation. And anybody that tells you that you should use this knife in a survival situation is not looking out for your best interest. The idea and the thought behind this knife is great the knife does look great it does feel good in the hand. But it's a failure due to an unstable blade in an unstable handled. The sad thing of all is that this Hammer has a built-in hammer and pummel, shows in the directions that come with the knife that you can Hammer Nails in with this knife and use it for that reason. How is this knife to be trusted when just cutting boxes loosens up the blade inside the handle. Last if Gerber was to actually fix this problem this would be an awesome knife if you look at any review video where they put this knife through a torture test the same issue arises every ti me. Everything else tends to work out fine yet years this knife has been out and Gerber has yet to fix the problem. All Gerber sales nowadays is junk. They got their name well-known and then they just stop caring about quality. And I know I've said this before but I'm going to say it again the fact that this is considered a military use knife is absolutely ridiculous this is what we're handing our troops that is sad.

Just watched this video for the first time
I’ve added a ferro rod and a signaling mirror to the Sheath I hadn’t thought a ferro rod would fit between the groves of the sharpener 👍🏻👍🏻

some people know nothing of knives. serrations are awesome and are a must for survival or military situations. those who have been in a military or private firms will know y. stays sharper for longer especially if you dont have time to sharpen it.

You are talking out of your butt as usual. Thanks for the vids, but any of us who truly know knives are embarrassed listening to you.

I have this knife its soo damn heavy that I havent used it once. Its like 24 ounces and the retention is ridiculous in the sheath. All i did was take it out of the sheath a few times and the rubber molding where it clicks in to sheath peeled and i had to glue it back on wtf. I noticed this and heated up the plastic sheath and stretched it till it cooled down now its perfect. But the big ass pommel at the end of it makes it heavy and back end heavy. I havent used it for camping or building a fort etc cause its just too heavy for a 4 inch blade. I think its sweet and the blade is probs durable but the knife is molded in plastic and it can get wobbly with hard use as mayor fugly cool showed. 120 bucks nah, for 60 bucks heck yeah. I still think its a good knife just a tad bit too heavy to want to carry when youre already taking a hatchet and little backpack with a few things like protective glase and mini grill for cooking a steak you bring along etc.///// Okay i have used this knife now and am completely unimpressed with the handle. The blade is awesome, tip did not bend when thrusting at a tree. However i missed one thrust and hit the guard and hurt my hand a bit and now the blade in the handle has a slight wobble. Its incased with a crappy polymer that breaks and cracks and releases tension on the blade. Im not completely bummed out because i have handle scales from a broken yukon bowie knife that i will put on the lmf2 and it will be an awesome light strong blade. Removing the pommel and wack original half slippery rubber handle over cheap easy to break plastic holding the blade in. I was chopping with it and it would always slide and id be holding the end of the pommel trying not to drop it haha. Not a good knife really,The blade is , but the rest of it nope. I chewed it up in one day of medium testing. The 20 dollar american dagger smith and wesson 8cr13mov dagger in grey was more impressive in all. I would throw this knife a lot too and it still held up better then the crappp handle on the lmf2.

Best knife in the world! Though it is not full tang. Still it is amazing. I own one and it is an amazing chopper and anything use. Strongarm is less heavy which I don't like. So pick whatever knife between them and you will be happy.

Amazing knife, in bought two for $80 ea off Amazon. One for my truck, one for my camping ruck. Not a full tang so you don't get electrocuted if you cut a hot wire. No mystery.

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