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Dalstrong Shogun X vs Kramer Euroline Stainless Chef Knife Cut Demo + Review

Two great knives go h head-to-head in apple cut demo. Skinning, coring, and cutting over 40 apples in this video. Both are great chef knives with a hybrid profile. Which knife is better?

Dalstrong Shogun
Kramer Euroline or
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20 replies on “Dalstrong Shogun X vs Kramer Euroline Stainless Chef Knife Cut Demo + Review”

If peple want a meditation video their are plenty on you tube. I would rather hear you talk and gain knowledge from you while you cut or sharpen. That is true whole point of your channel. I understand what they like about the relaxing nature of the sounds produced by your demonstrations but your commentary is much more valuable than the sounds produced. Love the channel more with you talking. Please keep up the awesome work and best wishes to you and the channel !!

you should have compared the Kramer to the Shun Classic. Price is closer and performance. I have both and they are awesome.

Why do you find it necessary to make us viewers suffer through all of this peeling and chopping on your video's. Did you ever hear of time lapse function . You do this on a lot of your video's and I am finding it harder and harder to watch them. I am sure I am not the only person who does not want to sit through the sharpness testing of a knife doing over 1000 cut and watch you do it all. We believe you. 1.20 hours of video and 15 minutes of info, all the rest was chopping and cutting. Watch Cedric&Ada and you will see how he compacts the cutting time. Please.

I'm a fan, and this is constructive criticism. I think your channel would do better if you edited your videos and reduced the length. You can do some really creative things so speed up the process of peeling a crate of apples, like quick jump-cuts to accelerate the progress. So many of your videos are way too long, and I think you lose viewers who don't have the time to watch you do repetitive tasks, and frankly, it's boring. There is a lot of competition for eyeballs out there.

Wish I had subscribed earlier. I made a poor choice in a chef's knife just before I got turned on to your channel, and since then I've purchased a couple of your recommendations. The pluses of watching your channel definitely outweigh the minuses.

Wish you the best.

"Don't take it as a full review that the Kramer is better" after making 1 hour and 20 mins long video on cutting apple. Congrats idiot!

🤔Apples must be skinned as the majority of the pesticides and preservatives reside in the skins😱

buy a 20 buck apple peeler
remove the blade
now peel them,it removes the center as well as the skin
i can do 12 apples in under a minute.

Dude if you want your YouTube videos to be more popular you need to edit out the boring stuff like 20 minutes of peeling apples still love your show though maybe set a goal to keep each video between 10 and 15 minutes

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