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CRKT Shinbu Fixed Blade Knife Review

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Blade Length: 9.25 inches
Steel: YK-30 High Carbon
Design: Japanese Tanto
Handle: Cord wrapped ray skin
Weight: 13.3 ounces
Sheath: Kydex

The Shinbu is the medium-sized fixed blade in the Hissatsu line, in-between the Hissatsu and the Hisshou in size. This knife was designed by James Williams, an internationally recognized instructor is Japanese martial arts and blade arts.

The Youtube Channel of James Williams:

Additional material from James Williams:

Shinbu Water Bottle Cuts:

28 replies on “CRKT Shinbu Fixed Blade Knife Review”

I got my eyes on those James Williams knives,,,hopefully I will have some soon,,,they are killa cool,,💯%

+WeAllJuggleKnives I just got the Hisshou and Shinbu and they are awesome. Both cut phone book paper like a lightsaber out of box. The only thing I noticed is that the Hisshou presentation box doesn't seem like the cutout is not deep enough and is very tight when closing. The knife even makes marks on the top part of the box. Is your Hisshou the same way? Also, mine were shipped to me without being in any kind of packaging. Basically they were shipped in their Kydex sheaths and the presentation box was wrapped separately.

I liked this knife so much I bought the entire collection- my only small complaint would be I would personally have preferred a leather sheath but that's just me. Otherwise I doubt there is a nicer production knife out there and I have plenty of them.

I appreciate the production values in your video. Great lighting and focus. good close-ups. Nice to see a video that doesn't have nervous hands running all over the knife like a manic squirrel. Highly desirable blade, also.

Hi isarel, Do you prefer the hisshou or the shinbu knife? am thinking of getting one myself but i cant decide between the two

Technically, to be a full tang you have to be able to see the sides of the tang between the scales, all the way to the end.

Very good point that correct drawing practice is a habit one should get into for all knives, swords, etc. Have a great evening, 😎

This knife is too big for me to carry, day to day, where I am. So I have not been drawing and re-sheathing it a lot. But I always draw all knives and swords with the spine against the sheath, not only to avoid dullness but sometimes blades can cut through, especially softer sheaths like machetes.

Hello my friend. Have you found over time that the kydex has a tendency to dull the knife if improperly drawn from the sheath? And if so does drawling it by sliding it along it's spine correct this possible problem?

Store it in a dry place and oil it once a month or so and it should be fine. I've sliced through soda bottles full of water with these and they got wet but did not rust, because I cleaned them off before putting them away, in a de-humidifed room.

Hi Sensei, what's your take on the YK30 steel, will it require constant maintainence like 1095/ 1080 high carbon steel? Am thinking to get this blade along with the Hisshou and Sakimori when the wallet recovered a bit from the multiple stab/ cut/ slash wounds it received recently (btw, Hisshou is pronounced as "hee-show", I think). Thanks again.

Have you come across a way to keep this zero grind blade sharp without having to resort to the traditional technique using Japanese stones ?

did you know that James Williams featured this review on his facebook page? haha. that's pretty cool

Cool knife but its pretty big.

I'm going to order the new sakimori which is like this but smaller and has a different steel.

a kukri from khukuri house is much cheaper and just as effective if not more than that knife for a quarter of the price from Nepal, war proven too

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