CRKT Sent Me Back The "XOC" ($750 Knife) And I Am Very Disappointed…

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Mr. Gregg T says:

Probably need so lube. Or just needs to break in.

J White says:

It may just need a little lube to loosen up the lock. Granted, for that much money it should be ready to go, but try lubricating it for the break in period

Specgrade says:

Send the knife back.

It's a Knifestyle says:

Imagine spending that much money on a knife with blade play

Morten Trolle says:

Cold Steel Triad lock xl folders for me.

WxStiN says:

At that point I would just say send me a mix pile of knives equalling 750 and keep the XOC

Peach Jackson says:

How have they taken a small issue and made it far worse??? This is truly sad and embarrassing.

f0rumrr says:

Lets just say crkt is where you go for cheap knives.

Nicholas Piccolo says:

When you trust crkt to make a heavy duty knife

qin654 says:

Is it just me or is CRKT not a good knife company. I owned like two of their knives, but never bought any more. I also get the same feeling with SOG.

Dylan Doherty says:

For $750 it should be absolutely flawless!

Mike Carr says:

I have been busting their balls for a month on this hunk of garbage. What a waste of space. Junk. Recalled muff garbage. Crkt has lost a customer with this nonsense .

brian11344 says:

Maybe lubricant

lewis gaskell says:

Not good blade play on a 750 dollar knife

anteck7goat says:

Might be something under the lock back

Satan'sOnion says:

Axis lock > This schwapp.

NL says:

I wonder if you give that brass ring around the button a little twist if it would be resolved.

Ironswiftness says:

Yeah for that money you shouldn't have to make adjustments yourself, though I bet a little lube on that deadbolt would help it slide into place fully

chris kolb says:

Over priced, ugly, piece of crap.

Ramdom Commenter says:

750 well spent.

Microtech any day.

The Old One says:

As I said many times, a tough simple design is better any day than an overbuilt complicated mechanism.
I was right.

Marc Martens says:

Gee Jeff, a problem with your lock up on a CRKT…
When I had a problem with mine you said they will look after me. So, u will be right. Not a drama

Arkvexum66 Nomatic says:

What a joke

Nory Miloudia says:

you re weird, do it again. again …. repeat

Uniform13 says:

Purposefully overbuilt – immediate recall for breaking where no other knife breaks.
Strongest lock on the planet – doesnt lock up correctly causing blade play.
$750 – LMAO
CRKT – smh.

D K says:

Kind of ridiculous to put a price on a prototype that will never see production and was never sold to anyone. Just a advertising gimmick to make crkt seem like a upscale reputable company(it once was). The only thing that will save this brand is to quit making junk in China. They're the poster child of sell out. They could be competing with Benchmade/Spyderco (both of these companies are on the decline as well) instead they're competing with the other sell out China importer Gerber. All of these companies still make a few good US knives but in my opinion bringing in junk dilutes the brand and destroys respectability. Why can't there be at liest one large knife production company that only makes US knives. Even Buck and Case have started importing China junk. Sad.

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