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Knife Review: $1 "Tool Bench" Dollar Tree Knife

I had forgotten all about this video! I found it on my PC, it was originally filmed last year, in case you were wondering about the long sleeves haha.

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How to open a packaged knife
Buy a knife to open the package
And buy another knife to open that package

I actually just bought this today!
Its not very sharp and very flimsy but i like it anyways!

I bought the $1 walmart knife 2 practice moding i sharpened it and removed the teeth i removed the thumb stud and added a good 1 and removed the pocket clip so i could put a stronger 1 witch i instilled on the bottem of the knife . Also i missplaced my throwing knife and practiced with it for 5 weeks and its completely fine i wouldnt edc it but 4 practicing mods its great .

I bought this exact knife today and mine doesn’t have a rounded tip and doesn’t flex at all and it didn’t benc at all as you showed

I have the same knife. When you oil and sharpen it truly it's not bad. Maybe try what I did. You might like it after.

This video made me shudder. I'm actually carrying my delica 4 right now this is disgusting. The clip.tip,metal thumbstud. Just eww

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