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Miyabi Birchwood SG2 Gyuto Chef Knife Unbox, Cut Demo, Review

Miyabi 5000 Birchwood gyuto chef knife unbox and demo. This is one of the most beautiful and most beloved knives today. See the razor sharp edge the HRC 63 SG2 steel comes out of the box.

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As always with finer things: you could buy 2-3 good ones for a price of the really great ONE,
The choice is yours, folks. It's definitely is not a poor person's knife, but I want a set of these badly!
Thumbs up!

can you please sharpen this knife the Miyabi Birchwood 8-inch SG2 gyuto I bought this knife as a treat for my self and it's so beautiful and i am scared that i scratch it while sharpening so please make a video on sharpening it man please man please !!!!!!

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Hi there,

I ran into your channel and was watching your top favorite knives.

I am into cooking and ready to dive into buying a new more expensive knife.

I'm debating between a Global 8" knife and a Miyabi 5000MCD-Birchwood knife.

The Global is selling on for $80CAD with a sharpener:

And I found on the Zwilling Canada website the Miyabi 5000MCD-Birchwood is selling for $190CAD (and I have a 10% discount coupon code) making the total come to about $200 CAD all-in. **The only thing is, it says that this knife has some minor visual imperfections**. Is this going to be an issue? Link:

Thanks so much for your help, I do hope you get a chance to answer my questions.

Hi ! Loving the videos, thank you !! I wanted to ask you: how would you compare the Birchwood to the Black Series ? Does it worth the $200 extra ? Thank you !

That is NOT a functional rivet. It is just a superficial crest imbedded in the wood. I know this because mine fell out….

No uniformity in any of the pieces that you are cutting, so I can tell you aren't in the food prep or chef business, right? Wow, you look like you are 49+ in this video. What happened?

I need you to talk to me about the knife as your using it. I know some people are here for the ASMR experience but I enjoy your insight during the cutting process.

Burrfection……where are your Big Knives? Where is your friend in Japan's big knives website………………? Did I missed your show? I want those big Giyato knives…………

The more you use that knife the easier all cutting becomes. i have used mine for a year and have yet to try a knife that even comes close. holds an edge for a long time, BUT it is pricey.
My edge can easily be maintained by just a few swipes on a ceramic steel and a few strop's. so its a big help when doing mass prep (8+ Hrs) of Veg/Meat No Bones/Fish etc.
But if you do end up buying it you will not be disappointed.

We Brazilians are for the beef most. So, please shows us a knife which really has a razor sharp edge…

Don't wanna be a hater, but these celery pieces aren't separated from one another. Pretty annoying in my view when you're cooking. Is it the blade profile or the technique ?

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