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Ganzo F7562 Knife Review. With Benchmade 940 Comparison.

Hey there… Ganzo has released a new knife that sorta looks like the 940 but doesn’t really feel like it on close inspection. In this video I try to compare and contrast the two models. I go over the dimensions, and put the axis locks to the test. The model seen in this video is know as the Ganzo Firebird F7562. But it also comes in a few similar models with different handle scales like black, orange, and green G10. You can get the knife at Gear Best if you want it.

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I don't care where it's made pocket knife is easy to assemble it shouldn't cost anywhere near $100

Really liked this review my first one of yours to watch, nice break down of all the details and a great comparison and will be subscribing for future reviews!

My only question is are there any knives out there that are an exact or a little bit closer to the design than the Ganzo ?


So tempting. Any idea how grippy the Ganzo G10 is? I like the orange but dislike the pocket wear that normally rides shotgun with textured G10 scales.

I've owned a few Ganzo knives, bought them at a local hardware store. They were good beater knives for work and around the house. I recently bought the 724 and 756, the quality has actually improved from my old knives.

I have the 940-1 clone and the ganzo in my pocket as I type this ! I really like the larger F 756 ! And I like sets ( large and small of the same design ) ! I collect clones of over price so called American company knives !
Oh by the way I have the crooked river large and mini and the real 940 and all the spring have broken isn less than a year ! All replaced with ganzo (G) lock springs ! I bought ganzos,s I don,t like to get the spring ( that never break even when bent for tuning ( pull weight adjustment ) ( didn,t do anything to the benchmade crap springs but oil )!
Benchmade quality control blows goats ( I have proof ) !
I've seen little baby girls beat up a knife worse !

Just recieved the fh21 yesterday. I'm freaking amazed. I'd like too know what you think?. I hear the fh11 is another beauty.. So far I think ganzo is the best low budget knife company. Sadly I'm tired of knife snobs talking crap because I cant afford the popular name brands. I understand why the hate but than again I dont because how many knife companies use the same locking mechanism and look similar too alot of other knives that dont get as much hate as ganzo and the axis lock… I guess ganzo should make their own designs then maybe they will get some kind of respect

I have a ganzo g739 and I LOVE IT, I have had it for like two years. Keeps a nice edge and is easy to sharpen. And I would always recommend one

My favorite part is when you stuck the knife in the log and hit it with a stick. That really reflects my real world usage of my 940.

You can buy 12 with the price of the benchmade ….. So dont think twice … Just go for the GANZO….

I know this video has been up a while, but I was considering buying the F7562 as a beater EDC when I'm doing stupid crap instead of risking my 940-2 and while watching this, I realized your "Benchmade" was very likely a chinese counterfeit. The biggest tell is the "Benchmade USA" on the pocket clip. The real deal only says "Benchmade". This was one of the things I was told to keep an eye on when I was buying the 940 once I learned there were (very good) counterfeits out there. (I like your description of the F7562 as being the Karaoke version btw!)

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