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I uploaded an Esee video showing the strengths of the izula, 3, 4, 5 ,6, and Junglas (RTAKII). in this series I wanted to get into a little more detail describing the merits of each of these great knives. I will also be scoring them against each other at the end of the video.
The esee 6 is Esee’s flagship blade and a personal favorite of mine. I personally prefer a little bit longer of blade with a thinner profile and the esee 6 is just that. The full flat grind that it sports has also become an attribute that I prefer on most all of my knives. Without spoiling the review, the esee 6 six has a lot to offer and is backed with Esee’s “no questions asked warranty” it also comes in many colors and configurations that highlights their eye to detail


Not sure why this video doesn't have more views or "thumbs up". This is a good basic overview of the Esee 6 and I especially like seeing it up against the Esee 5. I know they are knives for different uses but between the 5 and 6 which one do you find yourself using more? Thanks!

Say Heah Chase, Nice to see you again, I mean it. I almost went with the Essee Line. But being sort of a Steel Snob, I researched alot of Knives when I got to a 6" blade, even though I already had my Ratmandu. I was so impressed with it that steel that when I found out that the Busse Custom Shop could modify knives, and I read that a fella had the top guard taken off so I had that done to the one I ordered. I also had it slightly thinned down too, it's still a very robust and strong knife, Infact it looks like my Ratmandu except on steroids. Yeah, it's prolly my Fav's 6" blade that I own. I like using it in a Basic Trio with my Mora 510 as my neck knife, Sweet combo. Dilly Dilly, (I stole the Dilly Dilly from a Budweiser commercial), Oh, I also had a Custom Combo made that I commissioned William Collins to make. I posted them on my Google Plus, Lemme know what you think, Ok..,,.p

What color is the handle. What is it called? I want yours on the knife builder from knife connections

Hey Chase! You've showcased my favorite "non-Bushcraft knife! I absolutely love the aesthetics of this blade and I've watched many, many video reviews on its performance. This is my next knife purchase!
Glad to see you on IG. Follow me so you can see what I am up to!
Thanks for the review and see you in the next one!

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