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Statgear Auto Survival Kit/T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool Review – Preparedmind101

Preparedmind101 takes a look at a cool little kit for surviving auto accidents made by Statgear ( This handy kit attaches to your passenger side sun visor and has basic medical supplies and a handy, high quality multi-use knife/seatbelt cutter/spring loaded glass breaker device. I detail the various components and give a couple suggestions on things I would add to this particular kit.

NOTE: Toward the end of the video I said they will be at SHOT Show. .. My mistake. They will be, but not as exhibitors. No booth.







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EMT scissors !! Cuts pants shirt bandages hell if you want the good ones said to even cut penny's lol

I'm sorry for the translation. please tell me where you think is better to have this set in the car.

If you are in a car … why would you need a mirror in the kit? I mean, you got at least 2 3 or more in your care that you can use .. even if they are damaged. A mylar blanket would be good to use to prevent injury when in chock.

If it is clipped to the visor in an accident it will go flying and not be there to use. Unopened edc blade is a great window breaker – as long as it is in your pocket 'before' you get in the car.

I believe the cat tourniquet is a great idea.  When I went through the army's combat live saver course we used that and an Israeli bandage with other things as well.  Those were literally the backbone of the kits.  So if you are looking for extras add an Israeli bandage or two.

Sweet kit, Chris. I would add the quik clot like you mentioned and the CAT, but also regular athletic tape and a CPR gasket shield in case you needed to do the do on someone else.

Thanks for everything you do, bro.  I love your videos, and I like that you're a regular guy, like me.  Thanks.

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