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Review of my EDC Tool Pouch, Version 1

Here is a review of my custom built, belt carried tool pouch with tools and modifications… all of the work was my own. With this kit, plus a good folder, flashlight, and common sense, I can fix nearly any problem I come across in daily life.

Here are the links to some of the gear shown:
Knipex Cobra Pliers:
Leatherman Tools:
Gerber EAB:
Pocketwrench II:,70373,70375
Blade Tech Tek Lok:

Watch and Jewelry info:
Watch and strap by Greg Stevens:
Left hand ring and Bracelet Beads:
Right hand ring:

My On-Person EDC:
My EDC Bag Dump:

14 replies on “Review of my EDC Tool Pouch, Version 1”

Dude I love your innovative way of sticky things in other things that weren’t supposed to fit those things!

outstanding i like how you overtought what you need on your daily base i really like the whole mods. personally i couldn't carry so much weight in just one pouch on a daily base
with my urban lifestyle im only carrying a lighter, a swisscard and the gerber cutter you used to show

I came across this because I bought a 6 inch set of cobras and plier wrench to use at work and love them so much I'd like to just start carrying at least one of them everywhere I go. To strong and handy not to have with you at all times. Really cool and useful setup you have there

Well, I like to think that was CLANGGGG a good video, but CLANGGGG it was CLANGGGG a little CLANGGGG hard to hear what CLANGGGG you were saying, because CLANGGGG of the constant CLANGGGG from those Clang Tubes hanging off your right shoulder there…. CLANGGGG CLANGGGG CLANGGGGITTY-CLANGGGG-*CLANGGGG*!!!
I wanna take that EAB and cut the feckin' cord off those darn Clanging things!!!!!!

Great Video. Excellent and innovative mods all around. I am also impressed that unlike other EDC videos your kit and tools look like they Actually put in Work. Liked 👍🔧

"ESPECTACULAR" Esta es una bolsa echa con clase y propósito, no había visto nada tan sencillo y a la ve tan practico. Felicitaciones. Estaré pendiente de tus vídeos.(Lo de la leatherman fue loco)

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