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RavenCrest Tactical Expedition Folding Knife – Ravenpac May 2019 Unboxing, & Review

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6 replies on “RavenCrest Tactical Expedition Folding Knife – Ravenpac May 2019 Unboxing, & Review”

I mean, for 29 bucks I think it's ok, but it's kinda nah knife isn't? it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Its an ok knife I guess. but well not every month can be good, unfortunately.

Doc had the same problem didn’t get my knife last month no one called me to tell that my new info didn’t work I called they said the problem was solved and it happened again missed out on last month and this months knifes so I canceled this isn’t the first time I had a problem with them thanks for sharing buddy 👍👍

Happy Memorial Day, Doc. May all your fallen brothers and sisters as well as everyone else's be remembered for their ultimate sacrifice.

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