RavenCrest Tactical Expedition Folding Knife – Ravenpac May 2019 Unboxing, & Review

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marshalllaw123 says:

Slap a skull or two on it and you've got yourself an Mtech. Woohoo.

Sebastian Mange Escobosa says:

I mean, for 29 bucks I think it's ok, but it's kinda nah knife isn't? it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Its an ok knife I guess. but well not every month can be good, unfortunately.

heybubba1235 says:

Do you recomend?

Eugene Monica says:

Doc had the same problem didn’t get my knife last month no one called me to tell that my new info didn’t work I called they said the problem was solved and it happened again missed out on last month and this months knifes so I canceled this isn’t the first time I had a problem with them thanks for sharing buddy 👍👍

Jimmy Lara says:

Happy Memorial Day, Doc. May all your fallen brothers and sisters as well as everyone else's be remembered for their ultimate sacrifice.

Shakermt says:

To me, it is a very blah knife. The shiny coating is horrid

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