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Military Grade Survival Kit Review – – Deranged Survival

Survival kit I received from this is an exclusive kit that may not be available on the website at this time. Simply contact Mike Forti by e-mail: to request a kit.


You can also buy the items in this kit separately if you chose. Please e-mail Mike if you have any questions of leave a comment below. Thanks Everyone.


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sorry but you would never sew yourself or another up, unless you know what your doing, watching a youtube video does not count. I was a Naval corps man and really cringe when ever I hear some one say this. So please just don't consider it or suggest suturing

love the sling shot idea, you can get surgical needles etc. at any vet supply store also.

That is a great kit! Above average and very useful unlike many other premade kits out there for sure! Thanks for showing it!

Nice Kit Eric! Definitely a great piece of gear to have! Thanks for sharing!
Jenn 🙂

Eric, I'd like to thank you for such a thorough review… very well done! The only things I could add to that are a few extra details.

– The sterile surgical sutures are pre-threaded. Tear open and ready to use.
– The 100Lb. Test line is Spectra dyneema line… the same material used in modern bulletproof vests. Very strong stuff.
– The survival manual/notepad is printed on 100% waterproof paper.
– The gray container that the kit is packed in is a steel cook pot, with non-stick coating. Uses include boiling/purifying water, cooking food, and protecting the kit contents from damage.

Again… outstanding review, and many thanks to you!

It's good that the kit has full size items unlike those worthless (IMHO) Altoid's tin 'survival' kits. I put together a survival kit in a tin of roughly the same size as that one.

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