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Knife Review: CRKT Dragon


The CRKT Dragon is a Crawford-Kasper design. It features a 4.5 inch blade of 9Cr18 stainless steel, Wharncliffe tip, hollow grind, full tang, G10 handle scales, and Kydex sheath. Weight 4.3 ounces. Price $25-30.

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I have had this knife for years. I've literally worn it every single day and I just use a lace to keep the sheath attached to my leather belt. I use the knife to open cans, to cut bread, to do everything. I have broken many folding knives and only this one last me forever. I sharpen it every once in awhile and it cuts through everything like butter. The pointy tip on mine is broken off from using it to open cans but that does not matter at all. It's very flat and always concealed even under a variety of different clothing I wear. I literally depend on it with my life. It took me a long time to find this knife that has no hilt and meets all my standards and I found it in a knife shop in St. Jacob's Farmers Market. It is the only knife I recommend to people.

This is a knife designed for armed combat/self defense… period! "It was created for the modified WWII combatives of the GHCA and American Arwrology by Bob Kasper." 😉

I know the Obake is a cheaper version of the original design, but to many including myself, it looks sort of like a kitchen knife. Whatever blade and handle color combo one buys, it could fit in with your kitchen knives and thus not draw as much attention to itself as other tactical knives tend to do.

Now the Obake is a very elegant knife with it's handle wrapping and the etched pattern on the blade. And being that it is marked as a daily use knife, many might buy it for mundane tasks or double duty as a kitchen knife, conversational piece and even as a defensive blade. It doesn't look really sturdy… I have no idea, but for light jobs it seems like it would be a nice slicer.

They look a bit lightweight, but I like these knives because they're fighters, they're unique and good looking, but their "different looks" can be an advantage for those who own and carry them. I wasn't sure if you gave them your blessing or not.

Ive been trying to find a good option for concealed carry and i think this is it. I would choose a karambit if i had the ability to be thrown. It seems to valuable an attack to not have. It could save your life.

Very slender & Sharp. Fits comfortably in your hand too for training as well. Love the blunt of the tip too.

This knife was designed as a fighter, that was the whole purpose of it's design. That being said, a knife like all tools , is only limited by the skill and imagination of the user.

I have my own version of the Dragon. It's called Old Hickory French Cooks knife and it's made in the USA!

Between this and my Fox 479 karambit I feel like I'm dual wielding a fang and a claw 🙂

the Ka Bar USMC Short comes close and oh man…I don't know which I like to wield alongside my Karambit more!….better carry all three just to maximize my knife-boner.

This VS the USMC Short as an EDC for self-defense and very generic and general "random knife shit"

I'd like to note these "budget" tacticals in the Dragon used to go for $90 and if I had to compare them to my Ka-Bar Mini or full-size, as well as a few Cold Steels, a tops (the Grim Reaper, for example) and I'd say you need to consider that this is  a fighting blade, the sheathe, imo is incredible. Dual-wielding these is amazing. What you can do with them is awesome, P'kal grip and saber grip dual-wield is very effective, for example. But since this is a fighting knife and not a bushcraft or all-purpose, and while if I had to, I would and could usea Wahrencliffe blade like this Dragon it'd onlybe f I had no choice

I'd rank this right up next to the karambits and smilidions and tantos that I own, Gerber LMF 2. Actually, I'd rank this above the Ka-Bar Mini and the Gerber LMF 2. I'd rank it right next to the PInkerton Smilidion custom. 

And dual-wielding these? Sheee-it….come at me with a sword and I'd feel comfortable. All I need is to throw one of these then open an artery and run. 😛 

OBviously I'm passionate about this blade. I'm really pissed it got discontinued but MAYBE that'll add to the value one day? Doubtful but ya never know. At least they still got the smaller version of this, forgot the name but it's an EDC-fixed Wharencliffe made by CRKT and likely the only one being in-production right now, smaller than this one.

5:05 I agree with you, the BK-11 (/w micarta handles and a clip) is my secondary fixed-carry, outside of that the best defensive blade I can think of for EDC is the Spyderco P'kal (I shouldsay production) "Smilodon
The Smilodon is designed for reverse grip or edge up styles of martial art or self defense."  (pinkerton knives, google it, I guarantee you'll love something he makes.)

As well as my more traditional Ka-Bar Tanto and USMC in short or full size. 

I will say as a MASSIVE Karambit and dagger nut, and one whom prefers Karambits (double-edged) and Emerson Wave blades like an Emerson Karambit or Fox 479, as far as fixed-blades go that you can EDC. I can't think of a better blade-style than this. It's so easy to use multiple fighitng styles, very intuitive, and is talon-like enough to do the jobs that many other knives can only exclusively do.

The style of martial art this was designed around was called "Arwology" and, I believe, has roots in Judo or BJJ, though how tht'd work is beyond me. I'm a Krav Maga and FMA man (and a boxer, and a writer, though I suck at at least five of those things, oh, and math, so, eight things.)

was waiting on minefor a week-one got lost, the other took too long. Bythe time it arrived they had TWO packages for me. I wound up with two of these bad boys for $20 and noS&H. thanks amazon!!

Two of these for only $25….tell me you can find a better bang-for-the-buck under such circumstances…These are me new EDCs, dual-wield, dual-draw, same weight…Arwology and Emerson Boxing and P'kal -capable….amazing!

A self-defense knife should be sharp, wrote Bob Kasper. I purchased this and it came dull out of the box and I couldn't get it sharp using my Sharpmaker. But if this isn't a problem for vou you, buy it.

 I heard there are a lot of problems with the tips on the Dragon and the S.p.e.w, Have you ever had a problem with them or think they are weak?

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