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Bob Cooper Survival Kit Review

A look at the Bob Cooper Survival Kit contents.

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The thing with these survival kits is, because you got such a limited space you really need to prioritize whats important and whats not. The bottom line is "DON'T bring comfort items that takes up space that could have been used to store more useful things!" That useless tea bag for instance takes up the same amount of space as a alcohol wipe, that could be used to clean a wound or start a fire. The pencil takes up the same amount of space as a small fire steel. Instead of a bag of coffee you could have more water purification tablets, cord, or matches, and so on, and so on… "Comfort items" instead of "life saving items" could be a deadly mistake. A deck of cards? Are you serious? This kit is a joke! Survival expert my ass! If you find yourself in a survival situation, DON'T waste day light making tea or coffee! Instead make a shelter, collect fuel for a fire, fish for food etc…

That type firesteel, beware leather – its eats that firesteel – not magnesium – you forget in leather, after years, no more firesteel.
Only magnesium – have don it.

The main purpose of this kit is to make it small enough so that people are happy to bring it along no matter what, whereas a better and possibly larger kit would often be left behind since people cannot be bothered. And having a small and I guess cheaper kit does improve your chances of survival. Thanks for the video mate.

"Some useful things", yes, but "survival kit", not really, it's just too small. An ammo can is a practical size.

I prefer to make my own psk. If you can get them Australia, try a Solkoa. You should be able to dig and boil with your container. I have the non civilian and commercial versions large and small. You won't be disappointed. ATB

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of survival kit on my blog at inspirereviews. com/survival-kit-review/ Thanks, Jeb.

Dude u could make this kit for abouta quarter of the price.

a lot of junky gear in there,
-the tea, coffee, stock cubes cost pennies,
– a cheap knife and multitool.
– 4 water tabs you can buy a box of 20 for 12$,
– hotel sewing kit u can get one for free at any hotel u stay in,
-Ferro rod you'd be lucky to get 100 sparks of that its so small you'd never be able to use that if you were cold and your motor skills weren't up to par
-cheap band aids
– that water bag would bust from brushing against a twig
– take your scalpel blade the fresnel lens and pencil and trash the rest.

Is this a joke? Please tell me this has a warning on the pack saying 'novelty purposes only'. In big letters. Someone could get into serious strife if they buy it and dump it in a bag thinking 'I'm good to go'. I mean I know you should check equipment before use but having a blunt knife is deplorable, a chintzy multi tool and no superglue? The tin is ok, signal mirror, plastic bag is good and often overlooked, wire, pencil, all ok. Maybe the torch but didn't see it working, surgical blade maybe, fishing kit maybe. Pretty much everything else needs swapped out with either good versions or something more useful. Sewing kit? With 6 different colours of thread? Seriously? Duct tape would be nice, Isotonic tablets have both glucose and salts, caffeine tab if you must stay awake. More purification tabs, you'll burn through them in a couple of days in that heat. You get the idea.

Nice review mate, I have his book and the kit, I got my kit for $25 as it was labelled wrong in an opening sale at a fishing shop.
The book is very good.

Please understand the difference between an unboxing and a review. If you have not used the kit in the way it's intended, you can't label anything a review. This is an unboxing and perhaps a table top review if you really stretch it, but no one can trust your opinion. Best kit you've seen? No…its shit. The blade isn't even sharp.

The first thing to do in a survival situation is make tea? Bullshit.

The spring on a leatherman rust? No..its not a coil spring and its stainless.

The whistle is way too big for a small kit.

Always check everything, including your torch before you need it.

With a kit container that big, I'd expect an emergency blanket and or a fishing yoyo and a couple lures and flies.

A deck of mini survival cards? Hahhahha riiiiiight…

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