Blue Alpha Gear EDC/CCW Belt Review! Love That Cobra Buckle!

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We’ve been testing the 1.5 “EDC belt from Blue Alpha Gear. This tactical gun belt is high quality, rigid, and affordable.
So If you’re Looking for a non-leather tactical belt then do yourself a favor and check out Blue Alpha Gear!

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Patrick Mohr says:

Pull your pants up and tighten up your belt lmfao

Tommy TwoGun says:

Review the hybrid version please 🙂

hari khalsa says:

I have their minimalist edc belt and it’s awesome also. I’m not a huge fan of cobra buckles. But they have a new buckle that apparently fits into a belt loops on pants 👖

Eddie Briza says:

Yo I recently ordered the same belt because of one of your videos. Just now seeing that actual belt vid but I bought it because one if your reviews on a holster with a FUPA and you mentioned the belt. The belt is awesome!!

dknollRX7 says:

Check out Vedder Belts. They have the same type of buckle system, but the female side is smaller and is designed to be looped more easily through belt loops, eliminating the need to remove the belt from the buckle. It’s amazing, priced well and easy to take on and off. I’ve never used a better belt. Definitely check it out!

Esteban Playa says:

Bullshit, to much work. Not except able.

Matthew Lawson says:

Nice review! What holster are you running in the video and what sight is that?

hANNAbONE says:

That Music, though….nice video – thanks for doing it

Kyle Reyes says:

Ordered my Blue Alpha Gear belt last summer and wear it all the time! I have their Hybrid which has a smaller female end. I'd probably lose patience with their older model.

Chris Z. says:

Do belts like these eventually wear out?

Jonathan Tran says:

Awesome, just ordered mine with the smaller female (1.5 inch) buckle.

Jmuk35 says:

What's great about the other belt they have is, it's cheaper, made of the exact same material as this one, the only difference is the buckle. They are awesome belts, very durable

Athletic Performance Shooting says:

I've had one for a little over a year and it's still like new. Wear it every day. I also wear it incorrectly but the Velcro is so good why bother. It's faster on and off than a normal belt. It's the perfect stiffness and if you ever had to use a belt for a strap of some sort this is the one you would want.

Uncrated Crowd says:

Awesome review man! I have their new Hybrid EDC belt and it is fantastic. I have been using it everyday for CC and so glad I got it while they were on Kickstarter. New subscriber by the way!

Daniel Montano says:

You still use this belt ? Thinking of getting one

Porsche993 says:

That's how I wear mine as well and it works great

Freddy D says:



Thank you for the information brother!!! I have a leather Crossbreed belt which I love but I've been looking for a more casual EDC belt.

Keep the vids coming!

Steven Fields says:

glad to see a quality belt that's not SOE I wouldn't buy toilet paper from John at SOE

idahooutdoorsman69 says:

Check out Trojan Horse Customs. Similar style belt with cobra buckle, but is triple layer.

FreedomSkills says:

I also wear my belt "incorrectly". If it works, it works. Right now I use the frank proctor WOTG belt. Good video

GlockByMySide87 says:

on the sizing I wear a size 36 pants only so my pants are a little loose which way should I go because when I wear a belt I tighten it pretty tight

therealistone says:

Just got my Texas LTC and holster for my Glock 19 in the mail yesterday (same day too!). Tried it on yesterday and immediately said "I need a gun belt". Saw this video last night, compared prices of other belts and settled on this belt (used your code). Thanks for this review. Helped a new CCW holder out! 😀👍🏿 #Subbed

Pedro Ramos says:

everythin u review i seem to wanna buy. well ive bought haha. u got me on the redline concealment and now this belt!


Did you see their new edc belt with a smaller female end buckle? It's on their kickstarter go pick yourself up one! I did!

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