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Bark River Bravo EDC – Updated Review

Official Simple Little Life video of bark river bravo EDC.

After having used this blade for 4 months, I have some additional thoughts and some disappointment with the sheath. Here’s an updated video from the quick look I did right after I received the knife.

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16 replies on “Bark River Bravo EDC – Updated Review”

I had 5 Bravo EDC, I sold one, and returned one, I kept 3, I love Bravo EDC, but the sheath is not the best, so I made some mod, I turned one into a pocket Sheath with the Ulticlip slim 3.3, and I fixed the belt loop on the other 2 Sheath
I made some videos

Bark River Knives and sheaths are guaranteed for life and their customer service is top notch. Also I have noticed this issue with rampless blades. I have the same setup except my EDC is ramped and doesn't fit so deep in the sheath.

DLT Trading sells kydex sheaths for the Bravo EDC. I ordered one with mine. I have the same style sheath with my Bark River Woodland and I'm not too happy with it. It's not coming apart but it's soft and has absolutely no retention.

i passed on the waterproofing and my sheath isn't as flimsy as yours, i was kinda having second thoughts about passing on that option and now after seeing yours im glad i did.

I dyed my sheath and weatherproofed it using beeswax. I've been carrying this knife every day for 8 months through all kinds of weather and the beeswax has really held up nice. It keeps the leather stiff. Hope this helps

You can fix this problem only with beeswax!.
You melt it, ¨paint¨ your sheath with it, let it dry. When dry, you will see a horrible finish, like if you used your sheath for positioning a candel Lol!. So, what you do is catch a air pistol and heat it to make the wax desapear (because it penetrate in the leather). When it´s done, you get a very solid sheath, like plastic.
Hope it help and sorry for my english.

Have you tried contacting them? They have a great warranty on their knives. They might hook you up on the sheath. I've heard of them replacing it for that cut through issue.

I think it's the water proofing they put on the sheath, because I have one without the water treatment and it's stuff as a board

Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking at this blade for a little while. Looks even better after this review.

I've never had any concern about the flexibility of a knife sheath. When the knife is in the sheath who cares? When the knife is out who cares about the sheath? The reason the knife cut through the stitches is not related to the quality of the leather or the flexibility of the leather but the fact that the knife could be burried into the sheath so far that it cut the seam.. Bark river will replace the sheath but what it needs is either a liner so the knife never comes close to the stitches or the sheath needs to be made in such a way that the knife NEVER touches the bottom seam. It is a good lesson to learn! I'm SURE that Bark River would want the feedback.

Looking into getting this knife, thx for the review.  I have a couple of Bark River knives and the leather sheaths are very stiff but I got the untreated  sheaths.  I wonder if the waterproof treatment they do softens the leather?  I treat mine with a light coat of Obenauf.

Yeah send it in or contact them. Plus I think the water proofing treatment made it break in a lot? Usually they are pretty stiff out of the box untreated.

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