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$30 Curel Estiletto Knife Review. It's thin, like a Twizzler and made in Portugal

The Curel Estiletto knife is inspired by classic or traditional Portuguese folding knives. It’s long and thin- sort of like a twizzler, but also like a Laguiole knife from France. The blade is made from steel, maybe 440, but it’s long and pointed. I guess sort of like a vintage Italian stiletto blade, but also kind of not. The knife is non locking and comes in several sizes from a keychain size to a huge 4 inch blade like the one seen in this video. As far as I know you can only buy it in one place:
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Correction: Technically when I referred to the Benchmade Fact as “Murdered the eff out” I was wrong. The blade would have to be covered in black paint or nail polish for that statement to be entirely true.

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Now that’s an ugly knife if I’ve ever saw one guess if I got it as a gift because I wouldn’t buy it I could regift it to someone I don’t like.

Did you know there is the Douk Douk Giant? It dwarfs the Estilleto as well as the large Douk Douk.

I like my knives like my women…. little imperfections here and there but sharp and functional. Put the magnifying glass away if your looking that close you dont need to use it anyway.

When i was a kid, my parents got me a knockoff version of this in some shop in Germany. I still have it, but it holds no edge whatsoever

Bumped into your channel a couple days ago, and I am really, really enjoying your reviews. This is one of two knife channels that have made me laugh out loud. So, there's that. Anyway, I'm subscribing right…just, like, a second ago. Anywho…I don't need a shout-out; that's not a hint. I once knew a dumpster fire of a chump who bragged about being on television because he was a backseat passenger in a stolen car. And it wasn't meant as a funny anecdote; he thought it was an accomplishment. He's the sort of guy who needs a shout-out. I won't violate his privacy, so let's just say that his name is Chumpster J. Asshole. You can give him a shout-out.
The point of all this is that your reviews are outstanding. If I had friends, I would totally recommend you to them.

That blade is almost long enough to pierce the heart of a walrus. Maybe even an elephant seal.

Oh heey it ME OG mvp commenter. I'm surprised you even remember. These Curel ones definitely get a lot more spidey sense attention from collectors than some of the other more expensive traditional ones. Good bang for cutting length.

I recently got a clone for $25. The genuine version is a $300 – $1000 knife that I'd never buy or use. I think this makes it okay that I got the clone. Thoughts? I'm not a knife collector.

I had two folders like this while living in Spain. One of them was similar to this, the other full flat grind. It is very comfortable for food but in my experience the pin suffers much stress and for the geometry is very hard to have a functional sharp edge. But love the design, easy to carry, except there is considered a classic punk's knife, a nonsense if we think they have lots of tactical folders now. This is an evolution of the classic navaja from the XVIth century when swords was forbiden for plebs, wich developed the precursor mechanism of the actual lockback (using a lever up front insted of the lowering action behind). Then the laguiole and this one you have evolutionaded separatelly from the classic navaja, as the american texan toothpick too. You can found lots of different models selling online if you can google it in spanish, try ''navajas españolas clásicas'' in images. Enjoy your knife.

You should review cold steels black talon! It’s personally one of my favorites in their murder weapon category along with the frenzy

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