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10 BEST TENTS: UST Tube Tarp – REVIEW – 10 BUG OUT BAG / Survival Shelters Ep. 6

EP #6: TOP 10 Best Budget BUG OUT BAG / Survival Shelters – Is UST Tube Tarp 1.0 a GIMMICK? Let’s Find Out! ▶ Check Out Every Shelter in this Series @

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LIGHTWEIGHT – Backpack-able (up to 3lbs)
– Heavy Weight 8 x 10 Tarp:
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– UST Tube Tarp:
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MID-WEIGHT – Portable Shelters (3lbs and Up)
– Budget 1-Man Tent:
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TOP 10 Favorite – BUSHCRAFT / WILDERNESS Knives…

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– CONDOR Matt Graham Bushtool:
– TOPS Brakimo:
– OKC Black Bird SK5:
– Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro:

MSK-1 Multi-Scenerio-Knife (Shown Throughout Video):


– SOG Seal Team Elite:
– SOG Seal Pup:
– Gerber Strong Arm:
– Ka-Bar USMC Survival Knife:
– GERBER Prodigy:

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15 replies on “10 BEST TENTS: UST Tube Tarp – REVIEW – 10 BUG OUT BAG / Survival Shelters Ep. 6”

It works, it's inexpensive, and it's for survival, not a camping tent. I have one and I've used it to try it out. And I've re-packaged mine with no problems.

I have to admit, I LOVE this little tent! 1st of all, it's light, durable and can be connected easily (via the attached zippers…) to another UST tent to make it TWICE the size!!! It comes in GREEN/CAMO now which is much less 'bright' as you say, plus allows some concealment in case you might want that feature… I've never had an issue fitting the tent/stakes into the carry bag, but I've swapped out the cordage w/paracord/better tent stakes… Great for a emergency shelter for two plus gear to keep out of the rain… And NO…I'm not a sponsor, I just really like this inexpensive/durable/lightweight shelter!!! Try it, you'll love it too!!!

about the rain, it only works if the rain is in a 90 degrees of the tent.
if it's not perfect 90 degrees of the rain it still can become very wet inside.
So it's not more than a 2 star out of a 5.

Get some nonstick boot soles, keeps them clean and nothing attaches to them. I got some $30 boots from marshals, gone through mud snow slush salt dirt grass, everything really and the only way you can tell it’s age is the creasing on the top.

I have carried this backpacking as a rain fly for my hammock or general tarp to unpack and stand on when the weather is dry. Seems like a good value product, and I was able to fold the tarp up and get everything back in the bag.

I have that trap in green. It can be used as tent, hammock fly , or wrap around blanket. Light and stronger than it looks. Used it three times so far and still holding up. LOVE YOU REVIEWS. Thank you

Here in California those metal stacks will put you in jail or a whopping fine believe it or not . Other than that looks like a winner.

Nice, but I would like to have Tie Out Loops on the center of the side panels. 2 extra stakes, with cordage would be an insignificant weight gain. It would keep the tent off your shoulders when sitting upright.

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