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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Unboxing & Review

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit
Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed.
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It's laughable that they would call that small foldable flimsy knife a "tactical knife".
I expected a fixed blade or a folder with a strong lock.
I don't think you could stab anything with this knife.

im thinking about buying this or the sardiene can… what u think? ( sry for my english i a 14 year old swedish boy XD )

Seems like a good size for a tin. 2:39 room for tape , ranger bands and electric tape 😀
cotton bandanna would have been better, but the items are not too bad. TFS R.S

Interesting little kit, my question is why so much extra space. The tin only looked like it was half full to me, for that price, fill it up.

I definitely like the tin, and the items are really not all that bad in it either. Awesome review my friend thanks for sharing.

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