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Wilson Combat EDC X9 Review

This is my first review video so we had some issues with lighting, sound, and even my approach. But it was a ton of fun to do and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. The Wilson Combat EDC X9 is an incredible firearm that it well worth not only researching but purchasing.

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Enjoyed Watching. Nice to see in comments no one bashing the price either. At the range people think I'm crazy when I purchased and try to tell me "Your paying thousands more for what a Walther and a Taurus can get you." I don't even try to argue with them as it's more about jealousy than an honest assessment of how great this firearm is. Yes, a Walther M2 is a great gun for the price but it's not even close to how this X9 feels and performs. Buy with confidence is my advice for anyone looking to buy and tune out the haters. Its your money spend it as you see fit and enjoy! God Bless.

"TacticalPastor" – I love it! … I do a YT-based online bible study. … I'm looking for an EDC to replace my Sig 229 Legion. I had a 1911 in the past. Really shot well with it. This X9 looks very nice. Thanks!

Have you found a holster system to work with your weapon system yet? Just kidding with you, gave a thumbs up. Will be glad to explore the Wilson line when the budget is there. Thanks.

Beautiful gun and a good review. Wish I could afford one, but that's just not happening anytime soon. You raise an interesting question on the manual safety. As designed, the 1911 safety is addressed simply by gripping over the safety (and not all of them are particularly comfortable like that, hence the number of aftermarket safeties). That said, if you have any epiphanies in the future on how to train to always click off the safety, I'd really appreciate it because I own a pistol with a slide mounted safety and have yet to find a training method to ensure I click it off reliably. God bless!

Sweet gun – can't wait until i get mine. One of the great things about Wilson is their customer service – give them a call regarding those screws and they'll make it right. They shouldn't be rusting.

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