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Personal Survival Kit – Sabra Partner Review – Survival Gear

The Sabra Partner is great for a personal survival kit. It actually holds enough survival gear to help you stay alive in an emergency. It’s made in Israel of military grade materials.Several carry options make this a very versatile little piece of gear that is extremely well made and suitable for a lot of different uses.

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Suunto MC-2 Compass

Ranger Beads:

Swiss Army Knife Fieldmaster;

550 Paracord:

Lightning Strike Firestarter:

1″ Wide Gorilla Tape;

Tinder Quik Fire Starters:

Bic Lighter:

Cotton Bandana:

Bahco Folding Saw:

Sawyer Mini Water Filter:

Black Diamond Storm Waterproof Headlamp:

Princeton Tec Headlamp Case:

SOL Emergency Space Blanket;

ThruNite Archer 2A Flashlight;


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27 replies on “Personal Survival Kit – Sabra Partner Review – Survival Gear”

God bless America.
People here in europe can not carry a Victorinox or a small knife in the woods.
You can be in troubles with policemans. it depens of autority judgment if you Will make a rígth use of it.

Perhaps you would need a frontal light, for let free your hands, while you are doing something. Regards

hey Brian could you make a video on people in general, to practice some of these things we learn from watching these videos and yours as well. knowing how for example build a super shelter and actually doing it? i am in colorado and the weather can kill you here in the mountains and i think practice would be time well spent.and if in the early stages of hypothermia, time for thinking and problem solving issues of building a shelter or putting up your tent can be a daunting task.

I’m a webelos leader we are going to be doing our “Castaway” activity pin, the kids need to make a personal survival kit. What items would you recommend for the kids? (10 yrs. olds)
My idea was: disposable rain poncho, Aquamira frontier water filter straw, Bic lighter, signaling devices mirror and whistle.
Would you add anything elts?

It's a bit outside my budget, but does look like quality. I would think about adding a few calories as long as you still have room to spare.

Yup, Brian loves himself some fatwood!
Nice bag. I like it. Nice survival kit contents, too. Thank you.

was just tell wife want to make 2 of these, the only things i would add, Truma Pack with quick clot, an Ruger has survival kit
that would fit in there

my only addition would be a couple mylar blankets which basically no room . great for a quick shelter along with ur other blanket. but still another great and informative video

The Front Molle Pouch and the Shoulder Strap are almost as much as the pack haha may have to just go without the shoulder strap.

Sir, I've just recently discovered some of your videos. This is the first I felt compelled to comment on. Here's the driving question I have about survival kits: every person assembling a survival kit seems preoccupied with the same type of gear – military spec this and that. I like that this bag is small, but that is just a bit restrictive. Question: Just how long do you expect to need to survive before help arrives? Why not just have tape for first aid, fire starter for signaling and warmth, a tarp or space blanket, and three MRE's for three days? You'll have a knife and basic clothing. What do you actually need?

Nice video man!
Also, does anyone know if/where you can get another sheath for the Gerber Prodigy? Because I kind of want to cut one of the straps off of it, so I can take the (Kydex? I guess?) part off when I want to, but I'd like to be able to have a back up, (without having to buy another Prodigy) incase I completely screw it up lol.

C'mon Brian, it is pronounced sobbra, not saybra. It's Hebrew for native born by the way.

Awesome pack, great review. looks like a comprehensive kit. perhaps you could add some minor medical stuff (for minor injuries) and maybe some painkillers and diarrhea meds?

nice!!! first well made civilian drop leg pouch I've seen,….good kit as well
just starting out on youtube…..any advice?

No food? Add a couple of Cliff bars or something in there, they take up very little room. I feel that people should be preparing more for realistic emergencies and not the end of the world scenario's with this kit. I am in the process of making mine now with the goal of preparing for one maybe 2 days away from home in an urban environment.

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