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First Aid Kit — 5 Star Rating, Affordable, Quality, & Lifesaving | Surviveware First Aid Kit Review

The best first aid kit that I’ve seen for the price ($35)… Buy one here (it could save your life): (discount code: 10BUDGET)
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26 replies on “First Aid Kit — 5 Star Rating, Affordable, Quality, & Lifesaving | Surviveware First Aid Kit Review”

For about the same price you can get a US-made CLINICPAX Mountaineer 100 first aid kit that blows this china-crap kit out of the water.

Like the organization but, I think Be Smart Get Prepared kits are better. If you have the coin AMKits are great too.

Splinter probes just look like lancets, I work in a pharmacy and those look just like the blood glucose lancets you use to prick your finger when testing your blood sugar.

I would replace those splinter probes with a product called splinter out, much more effective those probes provided are designed to go into a lancing device which diabetics use to check their blood sugar, sure those would work in a bind but the needle which is protected by the circle which you twist off is very small and flimsy. Trust me go to Amazon and type in splinter out, they are beyond affordable and of great quality. Also that blue and white thing wrapped is a tourniquet. I have had them in the past, never had to use it but seems like it would work honestly though it would be better for use as an iv. Tourniquet.

The sprinter probes look like The Lancet needles used in diabetic glucose monitors. Since it is a needle like, you could get a splinter out with it by turning the round plastic tip off, which reveals the needle. Best to read the instructions on that one.

That blue thing, 2nd to the last item in the center pocket is the Tourniquet. Although it is a tourniquet, I would not recommend using that for someone that is bleeding out.

As a phlebotomist, that tourniquet is more for when your drawing someones blood. It's not as good as a professional tourniquet (i.e. CAT or SOF-T).

It may slow down blood flow, but you will probably have a hard time stopping someone from bleeding out with that blue cheap tourniquet.

Just a heads up brother. If you see coloured examination gloves, 9 times out of 10 they are nitrile gloves which are non-latex and hypoallergenic. If you see clear, less stretchable gloves they are vinyl gloves which are hypo allergenic as well. Latex gloves will look off white and be very stretchy. These can cause allergic Rx. Last thing, I would highly recommended you add some larger gauze pads such as 4x4s or 5×9 abd pads. A tourniquet should never be first round of treatment, so get some good, absorbent gauze pads. Great vid, keep it up.

Always kinda bummed that most stuff I see on youtube doesnt get shipped to Europe. It is a hassel to find stuff like this in Denmark.

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