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ESEE Altoids Survival Kit and 5 Changes I'd Make: Altoids Tin for Wilderness Emergency, Bug Out Bags

ESEE makes solid survival gear, so this Altoids Survival Tin was something I wanted to check out its contents: fire steel, compass, snare wife, and more. For only $34 I think you’re getting a pretty solid little kit. Check out the video to see more and to hear about the 5 changes I would make to this kit.

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28 replies on “ESEE Altoids Survival Kit and 5 Changes I'd Make: Altoids Tin for Wilderness Emergency, Bug Out Bags”

My opinion you go into the woods or wherever always carry a small backpack if you think strolling off into wilderness with a small tin filled with a few items is going to keep you alive it may for a bit ,but I wouldn't trust my life to it.water,fire and shelter are the 3 key things to your survival. If it's raining skip being warm by the fire,although you will have plenty of water from the rain the elements will kill for 34$ I can buy a cheap backpack and fill it with things that will truly help in my survival including making my own survival tin

This video is old but I'm making my tin right now. The biggest benefit to me is actually sitting down and thinking about what I need to survive. I live in a very temperate part of Australia.
1litre ziplock bag + 10 aquatabs
Swiss army knife called the Walker (only has knife and saw and can opener)
Fenix e01
2 small ferro rods (good quality)
Sunto clipper compass
20 feet of micro cord
30 feet of Kevlar string
Small white Bic lighter
Dog tag mirror
2 trick birthday candles
Gaffa tape
Glow in the dark tape
reflective tape
2 tiny chem lights
4 tinder quick things
And fatwood shavings
3 fishing hooks 3 sinkers and a stink lure

The clear case is from a "True Utility" keychain product, the majority come in this little case, tools are not great but cases are really handy.

Great review. I think you critique is valid. I would add stuff too. Thanks for the review

Olá amigo você tem um bom kit de emergência nas latas de Altoids mas faltou um canivete multifunção mas tudo bem o kit ta legal. Abraço

I've seen people down talk about tins not necessarily Esee. I've done a few and I've used them before.

Mine is a city tin and I have things like band aids tape small blade Advil and so forth.

I used the extra area in the lid of the Altoids tin to hold an emergency blanket. I also added survival cards" to mine. They don't take hardly any space. Overall though, I agree with your 5 changes.

i have half a dozen altoids tins, and another dozen of different shape and size. i paint them all a coleman green. you can get replacement coleman stickers (meant for lantern and stove refurbs) for a unique vintage look. or make ‘em your own; camo, team colors, color code, first aid. i lined some with felt and some with drawer liner material that you use in crafstman toolboxes…

$34 and you receive $5 worth of junk. A decent small blade or better yet a multicolor and I would consider it. The blade being the main selling point. Having the ability to make your own tinder is necessary.

Looks like 3 meters of cordage. A small piece of stick can become an improvised bobber. A small piece of silver mylar is lighter than most other mirrors. That tin lid will be shiny for a while, but might go rusty. I think the info card (or maybe 2 with more tips) should be on top, not the bottom. If the string on your ferro rod and striker is too short for you, why not put longer on it? Better yet, a quick coupler of some sort would be great, like from a cheap pair of gloves or an electrical bullet connector. Water purification tablets are definitely a great idea, I'm surprised there weren't any.

I would like to see you do an overnight with that kit…
In the rain, during early spring or late fall…
If you can do that, i will buy one…

lol, those "fireproof" matches must be designed to help prevent forest fires, but still a great video, Tim, we all slip up now and then

YouTube: He said impregnated, DEMONITIZED!

Also you're supposed to use the short end of the striker

Great review, but the kit is lacking a few things. First, a couple of iodine tablets for water purification along with a folded zip lock bag to carry water. Second, a small roll or folded section of duct tape would provide the ability to seal wounds and support repairs. Third, I typically cut an emergency blanket in half. This makes it fit a bit easier. You are more likely to die from exposure before needing to gather food. Ditch the snare and fishing kit. They're not needed for short term survival. I would also just place a blade without the handle to save space.

I think it's a mistake to get rid of the signaling mirror, the tin itself is reflective but it's not going to give the same crisp bright flash to reach out over distance. I would add water tabs and a bag. I'd rather have a small lock blade than the razor, it may not cut as well but it's a lot safer and easier to control.

Nice job reviewing this. Thanks for actually showing what’s inside and measuring things unlike others

If you are trusting your survival on this stocking stuffer or anything like this…. R.I.P.

Cost way too much, better to make your own. I like your suggestions for improvement. I use a piece of wood for a bobber.

Thank you for sharing this. I have been wondering about it. I think I will make my own

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