The Spyderco Waterway Knife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

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Today, we’re going to take a look at a knife with a great blade, an amazing steel, and the complete and total inability to fold: the Spyderco Waterway.


EDC elephant says:

It's not the cough that carries you off. It's the coffin they carry you off in.

Gerardo Pietrantoni says:

I scuba dive and spearfish. I bought the Waterway to use as a scuba knife clipped to my weight belt. The knife, fish bag and the speargun are the only tools (aside from the scuba gear) that I carry underwater. When you spear a fish and it’s not a kill shot it comes handy to pearce the fish through the gills or head so that it stops fighting. Also for cleaning the fish in the boat. With or without gloves it’s very grippy.

bback says:

Looks like an excellent fishing knife.

I have a Caribbian leaf shaped and a Spydiechef in LCN200N. Love them.
Also live by the coast and I do fish a lot, and I own a lot of more fixed knives than folders.

This knife is definitely something I'll check out. Thanks for the review.

Cem Millik says:

Weird. Mine is sharpened all the way to the ricasso. Maybe yours isn’t the best quality controlled one after all and Lance did some random sampling

Jason Gennero says:

I'm gonna buy it and use it as a steak knife, I wonder if I could get it in a set

Jack Nemo says:

my favorite knife steel, almost as hard and tough as M390 but with far
greater corrosion resistance. We need more folders in this steel.

amo757 says:

This is also a great knife for inside the waistband carry. I know you are not into that Nick, but the world is not always a safe space.

Uncle Randy says:

Listen here young man, I say listen here. Yaught notta go reviewin knaives yaint fixin ta use after theyes intended design parameters. Stik ta yer wee apple slicin, letter openin, dainty cardboard cutters and leave tha manly fixed blades in the calloused hands of real men like yer good ole Uncle Randy…ya hear?

Mythowrose 27 says:

I’m trying to decide between this ,a spydiechef ,and the Caribbean leaf blade.

Mythowrose 27 says:

How did nick read my mind I was thinking just yesterday “I with nick would make a video over the waterway”.

Kane Cassidy says:

Not the nicest fixed blade I've seen.

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